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12-28-2014 Thyroid TSH Level Was High In Lab Tests 7,808
10-07-2014 Adult Dandruff That Looked Like Cradle Cap 4,069
08-16-2014 Miraculous Multiplication Of Weight Loss Oils 13,767
07-29-2014 Bone Density T-Score Improved For The First Time 7,049
05-20-2014 My Boyfriend Mixed Up This Recipe For My Neck 3,678
05-05-2014 Stopped Allergic Reaction To Rabbit, Cats, & Dogs 4,582
04-29-2014 Rib Subluxation Leads To Herniated Disc In Neck 3,836
04-28-2014 Relief For Muscle Spasms, Pinched Nerves, & RA 12,248
12-29-2013 Removed Tons Of Parasites In A Toddler 10,583
11-16-2013 Treated Deep Finger Cut At Home 2,572
08-24-2013 Husband Getting Off High Blood Pressure Meds 10,302
05-23-2013 Cat Scratch Disease Resolved With Oils & Prayer 7,281
04-26-2013 Boil On My Neck Would Not Go Away 4,281
04-10-2013 How To Stop A Nose Bleed With Essential Oils 10,076
12-16-2012 Roughhousing Led To Bloody Head Gash 2,093
11-23-2012 Coping With Grief After A Miscarriage 7,586
11-21-2012 Infant Received Huge Bug Bite While On Vacation 1,847
11-21-2012 Repeated Instances Of Bronchiolitis And Croup 5,194
10-04-2012 Doctors Said Only Option Was To Remove Her Bladder 38,720
10-04-2012 No Sore Throat For Almost A Year 2,708
10-04-2012 The Huge Mole On My Back Is Gone 4,888
09-24-2012 My Prevention & Solution For Chiggers 7,268
06-23-2012 Acid Reflux Only When Lying Down At Night 4,337
06-16-2012 Breech Baby Turned In Less Than 24 Hours 7,101
06-16-2012 Exhausted From Lack Of Sleep 5,268
05-25-2012 A Friend Got Off Oxygen From Emphysema 11,768
04-04-2012 To Keep A Cold And Sore Throat Away 6,034
04-02-2012 Cat Urinary Infection Led To Bloody Urine 15,780
03-18-2012 Reversing Osteoporosis Damage Over Time 15,344
03-17-2012 Increased Range Of Motion In Frozen Hip 2,936
01-28-2012 Vision Support With NingXia Red Juice 8,736
01-28-2012 Shrinking Shin Wart And Fading Age Spots 5,708
01-17-2012 My Cat Was Not Eating 4,616
01-13-2012 Shoulder Injury Led To Sleep Loss 4,014
01-10-2012 A Cat Needing Urinary Support 7,335
06-04-2011 Prevent A Cold Naturally Instead Of Using Vaccines 3,698
05-18-2011 A Candida Crisis Eliminated With Oils 18,050
03-22-2011 Nephew Had Clusters Of Warts On Both Hands 4,379
01-21-2011 I Brought A Boil To A Head 5,651
01-21-2011 Mother And Daughter Both Get Charley Horses 4,874
11-11-2010 Relieved Arm Fracture & Arthritis Pain 8,387
11-11-2010 Tired Of Looking At Moles And Skin Tags On My Neck 8,957
11-10-2010 Parasites & Yeast May Affect Blood Sugar 25,173
09-01-2010 Costochondritis Relief After Months Of Chest Agony 6,531
03-02-2009 PanAway Oil Needed After Doing Massages 4,357
10-10-2006 Amazing Results From NingXia Red For Diabetes 39,248
09-16-2006 Thieves Helped Protect Against Getting Winter Flu 2,916
07-31-2006 Our Hot Tub Uses No Chlorine Or Bromine 4,830
08-09-2005 Purification Blend Helped Relieve A Sting 3,872
05-25-2005 Lost Cellulite With Petrochemical Protocols 65,535
12-08-2004 Sciatica Nerve Procedure Was Not Successful 7,360
07-20-2004 How We Keep Our Hot Tub Clean 24,790
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