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Coping With Grief After A Miscarriage

Author: Jessica D.
Skill: Colon Hygienist
Date: 11-23-2012
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After 2.5 long years of working to balance my body and struggling to conceive, my husband and I were elated to find out we were expecting again. Unfortunately, last Tuesday/Wednesday, we learned that this baby/these babies were not meant to be.

Once we had the ultrasound and my blood levels checked to determine that this pregnancy was indeed over, we prayed and asked God what oils to use to help this naturally.

My husband and I massaged Dragon Time and PanAway oils over my abdomen and lower back several times throughout the day for whenever there was extreme pain and cramping. I massaged Helichrysum all over my tummy several times, coupled with prayer and intention to stop any excessive bleeding.

I had been feeling very weak and nauseous, possibly from the blood loss and possibly from the realization of what I was going through, so I knew I needed to build my body up quickly.

Because I was losing blood, the hospital staff in the Emergency Room asked if I would consent to a blood transfusion should it become necessary to save my life. Thankfully I had had 2 prior occasions to specifically test that and know how to stop bleeding and build my body back up very quickly naturally, as I have had to do twice in the past 2.5 years to avoid 2 separate imminent blood transfusions.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not recommending that anyone refuse a blood transfusion or any other medically-necessary treatment. I am very grateful for modern medicine and its role in emergency situations. This is also not Essential Oils 101 and it has taken me many years of studying under many different holistic doctors and thousands of hours intensely studying the chemistry, physics, and quantum physics of these oils, coupled with my steadfast spiritual beliefs and unwaivering faith that God has already provided everything we need on this earth for our healing since the beginning of time. This is my story and my story only. I share these testimonies to show that these oils and oil-infused supplements can and have helped with very severe and life-threatening issues as well as mundane everyday issues.

I managed to drink one full bottle of NingXia Red throughout the course of the day of the most intense bleeding and I feel that gave me the fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, energy etc. to rebuild my body quickly so that it could continue the process it needed to complete.

After that, I felt a lot stronger and the bleeding slowed a lot. I applied Release, Surrender, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Inner Child, and Trauma Life oils on my tummy and the emotional points on my ears to help me deal with some pretty horrific emotions in a more healthy way.

My husband massaged Sacred Frankincense on my feet, I put a couple drops in my belly button, the base of my neck, several drops on my tongue pressed into the roof of my mouth to deliver it right to my pineal and pituitary gland for emotional/brain support. I diffused citrus oils as they have been studied extensively for their mood elevating properties and effects on depression.

I continued taking all my whole food supplements, making especially sure to keep up the OmegaGize as Harvard studies have shown the effects of Omega 3s on brain health/depression. Also, after a delivery/miscarriage, I have read that progesterone levels often fall sharply which can cause depression, so I made sure I used Progessence Plus to keep my progesterone levels up, which I believe helped keep me out of a deep depression as well.

I also diffused Trauma Life, alternating with Citrus oils for my husband and kids as they were experiencing a lot of these emotions with me, as well as dealing with this in their own ways.

On Friday, after a majority of the process was over, I did a Zyto scan on myself and it showed Joy, Nutmeg, and Believe oils which were right-on for exactly what I was dealing with, and so I have been using those as well.

I believe that because I was able to address this pregnancy loss on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, through proper nutrition, whole food supplements, oils, prayer, and unwavering faith, that I was able to get through this much more quickly and completely than had I not had all these elements. I am grateful that God has provided everything we need for health and healing and give Him all the glory for helping our entire family get through this difficult time.

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