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Natural Health Resources

The following links have been added to help you on your quest for truth and better health. Check this list frequently as we will be adding new links over time. Please contact member services if you would like to suggest another resource.

Online Summits & Other Products
  • Truth About Pet Cancer Docuseries - Each year more than 6 million dogs and cats die from cancer. In a 7 part docuseries, The Truth About Pet Cancer, you will hear from 30+ holistic experts, veterinary oncologists, immunologists, and researchers. They will expose the hidden TRUTH about pet cancer.
  • Home Medicine 101 Book - Discover how to treat 12 common ailments without any drugs. You’ll save money and improve your long-term health. Check out Marjory Wildcraft’s eight-week Home Medicine 101 Certification and learn how to heal yourself and your family.
  • Abundant Living Course - Dr. Eric Z has created a new Essential Oils Masterclass. It offers an easy-to-follow roadmap so that you can use essential oils with confidence. Watch it free online.
  • Detox Masterclass Course - Every January, millions go on a diet. There's a better way. Learn more from the Green Smoothie Girl, Robyn Openshaw, in her FREE Detox Video Masterclass!
  • Dentist Alternatives DVD - Your teeth are ALIVE and can heal themselves! Let Marjorie Wildcraft's DVD show you how she saved $1,000's on dentist visits using a 100% natural system of dental care based on ancient healing traditions.
  • Home Grown Food Summit - The Home Grown Food Summit is back for 3rd year! Whoo hoo! Another 38+ speakers, sharing their BEST SECRETS for growing all your own food and medicine.
  • Herbs Oils Bundle - The 2017 version of this popular bundle is back. It includes 16 eBooks & printables, 10 eCourses, 3 physical bonuses + 1 digital bonus. At $47, its priced at over 90% off the combined value. A beautiful bargain!
  • Food Revolution Summit - In the Food Revolution Summit, John Robbins interviews 24 of the world's top experts working for healthy, sustainable, humane and conscious food. View the short video trailer to learn the truth about what is happening to our food.
  • Gut Health Bundle - They say that all disease begins in the gut. If so, then this digital bundle could change your life. It's a collection of 16 eBooks, 5 eCourses, 44 videos, 846 recipes and many printables covering everything you could want to know to heal your gut. Bought individually it would cost $695 but you can grab it for just $47.
  • Fighting Infections Without Antibiotics Report - Do you know Marjory Wildcraft? She is the founder of The Grow Network, a global network of people who produce their own food and medicine. Grab a copy of her 18-page report called, "The Miracle of Garlic". It’s filled with home remedies featuring my favorite tasting kitchen cure, GARLIC!
Essential Oil Information
  • AGORA - The Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives (AGORA) is a dynamic, growing resource for noncommercial aromatherapy information. Many individuals within the aromatherapy community have freely contributed information to the AGORA project.
  • Alliance of International Aromatherapists - The Alliance of International Aromatherapists is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting skilled, responsible uses of essential oils. They serve aromatherapists, healthcare providers and the public.
  • American Botanical Council - Excellent source for herbal information.
  • Aromatic Plant Project - A non-profit aromatherapy, organic hydrosol and essential oil education organization supporting American agriculture.
  • Dr. Z's Essential Oils Database - An A-Z guide to empower you with the tools that you need to use essential oils safely and effectively.