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10-20-2010 Canker Sore And Lemon Oil 6 10773
01-07-2005 Too Much Mucus In My Throat 11 19736
07-21-2010 Lavender Prevented Chicken Pox Scarring 4 7211
10-16-2006 Peppermint For Nausea 3 5412
05-28-2008 Thyme Oil Vs. Snoring 6 10840
02-21-2007 Felt A Burning In My Throat After Eating Breakfast 3 5438
04-09-2010 Lavender For Premenstrual And Menstrual Cramps 6 10931
01-23-2008 Lemon Oil As A Deodorant 4 7337
02-11-2011 Bloated Stomach And Nausea 3 5529
07-20-2004 Peppermint Used On Colic Baby 4 7456
10-15-2007 Sleep Apnea With Morning Congestion 4 7507
03-27-2010 Sinus Infection Cleared Up 6 11349
10-06-2005 Rodent Control Using Peppermint 4 7581
05-04-2009 Skin Rash Subsided With Lavender 3 5713
06-19-2007 Lavender For Headache Relief 3 5732
08-27-2006 Peppermint For Sore Muscles 4 7651
03-28-2012 Shingles Scar And Fading Age Spots 3 5742
01-23-2006 Fatty Tumor Reduced With Frankincense 6 11525
09-04-2004 Sleeping Pills Are No Longer Needed 4 7677
10-08-2010 Prone To Pyogenic Granulomas And Skin Barnacles 5 9694
Total = 20

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