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Mouthwash Brings Relief To Sore Throats

Author: Kristi Palmer
Location: CA, United States
Posted: 06-13-2012
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Word Length: 175
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I've found that gargling the Thieves Mouthwash brings immediate relief to sore throats. Gargling was more difficult for my son when he was younger, so I made a sore throat spray, adding Thieves Mouthwash and a few drops of Thieves Oil to a small spray bottle. Just a squirt or two toward the back of his throat does the trick.

While the taste isn't that great, the relief is amazing! Even my son would request the spray to experience the relief. I do have to tell him to keep his mouth open, as one time he closed it and got the second squirt on his skin, which I think stung a bit.

I had sore throats from chronic tonsillitis growing up, and then had my tonsils out when I was 18, so I no longer get the intense sore throats that I used to, but I still experience relief with this spray. If we get sore throats, it's usually when detoxing, so it's nice to know we're not adding more toxins to our bodies in seeking relief.

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