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08-31-2012 Nails Clipped Too Short Can Be Remedied 4,007
06-13-2012 My Eyesight Worsened During Pregnancy 3,390
06-13-2012 Mom's Shoulder Discomfort After A Fall 2,513
06-13-2012 Mom's Boil Meets Her Oil 4,650
06-13-2012 In Case You Get Burned 3,274
06-13-2012 Environmental Allergies Are Now Controlled 3,828
06-13-2012 How I Alleviate Dandruff 7,415
06-13-2012 Oils For Rash Reaction To Lotion 2,561
06-13-2012 Shower Shaving Brought About Bleeding 1,243
06-13-2012 Mouthwash Brings Relief To Sore Throats 2,226
06-13-2012 Tantrums And Allergic Reactions Soothed By Oils 3,083
06-13-2012 Irritability Gone Just From An Open Bottle 2,784
06-13-2012 Restless Baby Sleeps In Five Minutes 5,417
06-13-2012 Sometimes Had Pinkeye In Both Eyes 1,924
06-13-2012 Back Popped Three Times & The Torment Was Gone 2,268
06-13-2012 Feel Better Oils - A Toddler's Tale 1,994
06-13-2012 Unbearable Heartburn During Pregnancy 5,046
06-13-2012 Allergic Reaction Relieved With Alkalime 2,290
06-13-2012 Tummy Upset In Adults, Children & Babies 3,467
06-13-2012 Eczema Detox Caused An Ear Infection 3,622
06-13-2012 Instant Relief For Restless Leg Syndrome 5,151
06-13-2012 Gum Agitation And Tissue Regeneration 3,782
06-13-2012 Refreshing Spritz To Spray On A Hot Day 1,853
06-13-2012 No More Reactions From Mold And Cigarette Smoke 3,581
06-13-2012 This Sinus Relief Is From Heaven 4,931
06-13-2012 Uncomfortable Bumps But No Bruises 1,702
06-13-2012 Stop Severe Nosebleeds Almost Immediately 4,138
06-13-2012 A Bad Case Of Bronchitis 3,195
06-13-2012 Increase The Effectiveness Of Enemas 4,342
06-13-2012 Baby Is Really Fussy When Teething 6,246
12-10-2009 Thieves Oil Erases Permanent Marker On The Floor! 2,325
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