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09-17-2013 Back To School Can Include Exposure To New Germs 2,814
09-17-2013 My Daughter Over Indulged At Her Birthday Party 1,899
06-23-2012 The Oils Help Clean My Car 3,599
03-11-2012 Natural Oven Cleaner Smells Great! 2,809
03-11-2012 A Good Bedtime Oil 9,169
12-23-2011 Using A Roll-on For PMS Headaches 4,895
12-23-2011 Fighting Off A Nasty Respiratory Infection 6,837
10-11-2011 Ward Off Nightmares To Sleep Peacefully 5,125
06-24-2011 Teeth Discoloration Has Vanished In 3 Year Old 6,142
05-21-2011 Hip Bone Slammed Into The Kitchen Granite Island 3,143
03-16-2011 Valor Gives Confidence When Speaking In Public 6,612
03-16-2011 Peppermint Oil For Elbow Stiffness & Discomfort 4,312
03-16-2011 Purification Removes Cooking & Other Odors 3,430
03-16-2011 Young Diver Plagued With Plantar Warts 9,665
02-12-2011 Eye Allergy Caused Contact Lens To Pop Out 7,657
02-12-2011 Lavender Oil For Vaginal Infection 8,630
01-16-2011 Purification For Eye Inflammation And Irritation 18,260
01-16-2011 Lemon Oil Removed Spray Paint And Pine Pitch 2,107
01-16-2011 Aggressive Cold Stopped By RC, Thieves & NingXia 6,356
01-16-2011 Disorientation And Dizziness Fixed By Frankincense 20,124
01-16-2011 Deep Relief Roll On For Backache & Neck Discomfort 2,624
11-21-2010 I Love NingXia Red For More Energy & Less Cravings 4,525
10-27-2010 PanAway For A Knee That Would Not Bend 4,852
10-27-2010 My Shih Tzu Was Scratching His Hot Spot 4,072
10-27-2010 Lemon Oil Removes Sticky Residue 2,662
10-27-2010 Lavender For Face Acne 6,094
10-27-2010 Cough Relief Solved With RC Blend 4,402
10-25-2010 Peppermint And Thieves Did The Trick For A Fever 5,232
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