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Severe Finger Injury From A Sharp Axe

Author: Nancy S.
Date: 09-28-2005
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I would like to share my experience using Helichrysum oil. Fourteen years ago, when I first started my Young Living business, I was learning about the constituents of the oils. I knew what Helichrysum could do, and I used it sparingly, because of the cost.

One day a friend of mine gave me some Helichrysum from another company saying it was just as good as the Young Living oil. Not wanting to hurt her feelings I took it, because as I said, I was just learning at the time and didn't know how valuable therapeutic grade essential oils were at the time.

Later my husband and I were building a Buck and Pole fence and a ridge that came out onto a ledge. I was holding the Buck which looks like this X. Each panel was fifteen feet long and a pole is laid in the middle of the X for the top rail lay and then it is nailed on the rest on the side of the X to complete the fence.

I was holding the buck so he could start the spike into the pole and into part of the buck so it would hold the buck up. When he got it that far I stepped back so he could really swing the 8 lb axe to drive the spike in. I lost my balance and automatically put my hand out and caught myself on the buck. The axe came down on my index finger, mangling it just below the fingernail. It immediately turn black with blood spurting everywhere.

The throbbing was terrible. My husband ran to the house to get the Helichrysum because we knew that it would help stop the pain and throbbing due to being injured so severely.

When he came back he had the other brand of Helichrysum oil because I gave it to him when I made him a first aid kit. I didn't want it, but didn't want to throw it away. It was easy for him to find instead of searching through my case of oils. I said, as soon as I saw he had that oil, "Why did you grab that one?" Because I knew where it was, and I didn't want to take the time to find yours", he said.

I took the oil and applied it to my finger. I was waiting for the pain to stop as I knew that from what I had been told that it was suppose to stop the pain and throbbing. I poured on more of it and still nothing. I could not believe that it wouldn't do anything. I drenched it again and just a little bit of pain resided.

I finished out helping with the fence and then went to the house and got Young Living's Helichrysum oil. My thumb still hurting like crazy. One drop was rolled around the finger to the bottom which was swollen like a grape and all purple and, the pain had let up. I put a couple more drops on. I only used 3 drops as to compared to drenching my finger with the other brand.

I got instant results from the Young Living Helichrysum and nothing from the other. In a half hour the black and blue was fading and by bedtime it was light purple and the swelling almost gone.

By morning it was back to normal except where the axe had split the skin open below my fingernail. You would have never known that I had that bad of an injury.

Why did the pain stop before it touched the finger. Remember everything has a frequency. The frequency of Helichrysum is 181, so it started working before it touched my finger. This is why you need to let everyone know how important it is to use therapuedic grade essential oils. Other grades are adulterated and you will not have any results from and sometimes they will even harm you because of the chemicals in them. This is why Young Living is so special because of the purity of all our products.

No home should be without this essential oil for their first aid kit! It has saved me multiple times.

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