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First Aid Kit For College Students

Author: Jennifer H.
Date: 09-21-2005
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Anjana, my daughter, was already attending college when I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. I decided to make up a first-aid kit for her that would cover just about any problem that may arise when one is living in a small enclosed space with other people, and using communal bathrooms, etc. Also, to help in the prevention of problems. The following are the instructions I gave her with the kit:

Rub between eyebrows for deep sleep. Releases melatonin from pineal gland. Also good for face skin. Use with Peace & Calming if need extra relaxation.

Rub on throat for sore throat, under feet for immune system, chest for congestion, cold, flu or directly on infection. Rub around ears for earache. Use finger to rub directly onto gums for tooth ache. Use to sterilize hands after using public bathroom.

Respiratory congestion: 6 drops in left hand, rub clockwise 3 times, cover face with hands keeping eyes open. Breath in. Stinging is O.K. Or rub on chest and throat. Alternate with Raven as RC is deep and penetrating and Raven is soothing.

For any upset tummy condition. Rub a lot around naval area morning and evening or whenever needed. Or drink one drop in water.

Cleanses cuts, neutralizes poisons from bug bits if applied directly on it, spray around room for air purifying, or diffuse. Apply directly on cold sores.

Any skin problem, cut, burn, scrape, acne, etc. Rub under feet or on face to help sleep. Freshens air in room. Use with Frankincense for added effect.

Drink in water for digestive aid. Rub on for sore throat. Builds immune system, increases circulation. Improves memory if smelled while studying and then during test. Clean fruit in Lemon oil mixed in water. Gets grease out of clothes.

Ylang Ylang
Use as underarm deodorant. Balances male and female energy. Great for blood, heart and hair.

Rub under bottom of feet alternating or with Thieves oil as a preventative for illness. If ill, rub under feet until better. Strengthens and supports immune system.

Brain Power
Dissolves petro-chemicals clogging receptor sites. Clears brain fog, helps immune system, retards aging. Wear on back of neck, throat, under nose or inside upper palate of mouth or inside of cheeks. Great while studying or listening to lectures.

Cinnamint Lip Balm
Dry lips, apply on lips when ever they need it. Contains Cinnamon essential oil.

Lifts depression, aids digestion, muscle soreness. Tastes great in water so drink instead of soda, alternate for flavour variety Tangerine, Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemon, or Grapefruit.

Empowers spiritual and physical bodies, instills fearlessness. Apply to wrists, feet, chest, neck or spine. Drink a few drops in water for a more powerful action. Excellent for face skin.

Excellent for pain - on temples or apply where-ever pain is, so long as there is no broken skin. Rub under feet for reducing fever or to cool down on a hot day or while playing sports. Drink in water while playing sports. One drop = 26 cups of Peppermint tea. Use for stuffed-up nose as well. Also great to rub on temples in the morning to wake up. Rub on chest instead of Vicks VaporRub.

Natural alternative for all of men's/women's ailments. In other words, use it for anything except not directly in the eyes.

Melaleuca Alternifolia
For acne. Use with Lavender and or Frankincense. Use on any skin condition. Apply ART skin care system or Sandalwood moisturizer on top of oils. Clean out ears with this oil soaking the end of a q-tip and swishing it around in your ear. Do not pour oil into ear.

Rub on to any painful area to prevent swelling, bruising and pain. Good for bug bites also.

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