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The Weight Of The Grief Has Been Lifted By Oils

Author: Nicole K.
Date: 04-24-2014
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Losing a loved one is devastating, especially a parent.

Over the past 12 years I have spent countless agonizing nights in bouts of too much crying to even count. I have tried therapy and supplements. I have tried meditating and have tried to talk with family and friends. I also have limited my alcohol consumption.

What seemed to be the only thing that was actually doing something was... time. I had started to notice my sad days were less and less as I continued to live my life. I accepted that and went on.

Then in February this year my grandmother passed away, one of the last connecting pieces to my father, it shook me to the core. It felt as if the trap door during a magic show, of which I was participating in, suddenly opened. Now I was underneath the lights, laughter, and the crowd waiting to be brought up again.

The previous wound was wide open. I went back to regularly meditating, increased my vitamin intake, and talked with others. But I knew that ultimately it would take time to lessen the sadness. Again I accepted it and went on. This was my cycle.

Then in March my boyfriend was about to go from being a fiance to being my husband. Before I could walk up to meet him and say our vows, I knew I needed to have an emotionally clearer head and happier heart. I needed to leave my cycle of waiting for time to assist me. I knew there could be other major triggers of sadness, and waiting was no way to get to a better place.

I asked a friend for some essential oils guidance, and we agreed that the Trauma Life and Transformation oil blends would be most beneficial for my situation. The first day I used them I could tell that something was different, but it was not anything that qualified as "emotional change."

But on the second day I had completely melted into a pile of sorrow. And for about 7 straight days afterward, I could not do much outside my daily necessities before pouring out the sadness and hurt. It was unbelievably hard, but at the end of each round of crying I felt a little lighter.

I applied a few drops of the oils at least 10 times a day on my wrists, neck and chest. I could tell all the pain was coming out. It was scary and weird, but I needed to push through. There was a light in this 12-year tunnel.

On my wedding day, I had calmed down. The catastrophic storm that had brewed, taking over my head and heart, suddenly changed course and now I was calm. I did not need to go to that dark and sad place anymore.

Even on the morning of the wedding while I got ready -- the very scene that concerned me that I might let the memories of my dad inside. However I felt strong didn't need the oils.

The very things that had made me so sad were no longer a part of me. I couldn't think about the same details and get upset anymore. I felt like the weight of the grief had been lifted.

I hope that my story of using Trauma Life and Transformation can give you a starting point to deal with your grief or at least some belief in the power of essential oils.

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