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Brain Tumor Removal Left Horrible Headaches

Author: Suzanne O.
Skill: Reiki Practitioner
Date: 04-10-2014
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Ok, if you're like me you've spent alot of missed days you can not get back because of debilitating headaches. Year's were spent searching for natural headache relief. I wanted to be rid of my headaches once and for all, naturally. My debilitating headaches started around 1997 after having had surgery to remove a brain tumor. Seemed I had just traded one problem for another one.

So, I tried everything I could think of to get rid of this monsterous condition. I decided that drugs, with all of the side effects, were just not an option for me. I am not willing to possibly forgo some pain now to have to deal with the horrors of the long-term side effects down the road.

So what did I try? Well I became a Reiki Master. I found that as long as I was lying down, consciously channelling Reiki for myself, the pain would lessen. However the moment I'd stop and try to get up the pain would rush right back. There were times I'd have one headache last for 4-5 days! My headaches often included nausea and vomiting. So by the time it was over I felt weak and wiped out.

I then became a Medical Intuitive. Still did not get rid of the headaches. So I learned Reconnective Healingtm. Still did not get rid of the headaches. I learned Quantum Touch. Still did not get rid of the headaches. I began getting these type of sessions from other practitioners. Then I searched for World known healers. One was a woman in England, the man from Croatia, then also trips to Brazil to see John of God. I did have some miraculous experiences from John of God, but it had no effect on the headaches.

So what else? I tried chiropractics, acupuncture, QiGong, Chinese herbs, other types of herbs, homeopathy, meditation, yoga, sungazing. But still, seemed like nothing existed that could help.

I took methylxanthines and nightshades out of my diet and got alot of relief. However, it seemed that on overcast or drizzly days I'd still get a debilitating headache. I guess barometric pressure is also one of my triggers.

So now what! What else could there possibly be that I hadn't tried. Fall of 2013 I became a member of Young Living and signed up as a Young Living Distributor.

Well, after getting a headache one day I decided to try some oils. I tried Peppermint, it did nothing. I tried Lavender, it did nothing, I tried Stress Away, it did nothing, I tried Peace & Calming, it did nothing. So I was discovering what did not work. So what did work for me?

The next time I got a headache I decided to try a blend called Deep Relief. I put it on the back of my neck and across the base of my skull. I also put it on the top sides of my head. Then after a minute or so I put a drop of Copaiba under my nose and across my forehead. I then put Copaiba over everywhere I had put the Deep Relief. I had been feeling very nauseated so I drank about an once of NingXia Red. Within the hour MY HEADACHE WAS GONE! I have repeated this many times and it's worked for me! A few times I have used PanAway instead of the Deep Relief, and that worked too for me. Once after an hour it was mostly gone so I repeated and that got rid of it. So within 1-2 hours I can now get rid of a headache. Only wish I had discovered these oils years ago.

Well, it's now been since Early December 2013 that I've even had a headache! Seems like I just don't get them anymore. WooHoo! Life without headaches! Check out

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