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Throat Was Closing Up After Eating Lobster Bisque

Author: Jennifer Z.
Date: 04-02-2014
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I am 38 years young and have NEVER had a shellfish allergy. I love my shellfish. I went out to lunch with an upline distributor, and he highly recommended the lobster bisque. I've never tried lobster bisque but decided to give it a try. It was AWESOME!

As the third chunk of seafood went to slide down my throat, it felt odd. It felt like it almost didn't fit, and as I swallowed I began to cough. I was kind of embarrassed by it. I tried to take a few bites of my salad, hoping the vinegar would help, and then sucked down my water with Lemon. And my throat started to feel like it was closing.

Thank God I was with my upline because I knew my oils were not with me. I had left my oils in a different bag in my car. My husband had my car, and honestly I don't think I would have made it. I was trying to hide my issue until I started to panic and said, "Do you have any Lavender?!"

He looked at his really nice set of oils and said, "Yes! I have lots of good ones." And I was like, "I just need the Lavender; my throat is closing." He handed me the Lavender, and I opened up the bottle, rubbing a few drops on my throat, on my chest, behind my hears, and on my wrists.

I was hesitant to pass it back because my thought was, "I may have to just drink this bottle in a second. This reaction is BAD! I can make a scene in front of my upline, or I could make a scene in front of the entire restaurant. I guess I will do it in front of my upline." It was my first time meeting him.

My throat within about 1 to 2 minutes started to relax, and I went from having to cough uncontrollably to having a less frequent cough... more of a nervous cough. I giggle because I'll bet my way of describing this story is quite a bit more dramatized than how he might describe it because I was trying so hard not to be dramatic, but my mind was screaming HELP!

By the time we walked away from the table, my throat felt 90% better. I later went with my kids shopping at the mall, but when I got home I slept a few hours and woke up with my throat closing again. This time I placed 2 drops of Lavender under my tongue and smothered myself in some more Lavender. I did my throat, chest, back of ears, and wrists.

I felt less than 100% for a long time afterwards, but it never flared back up after that. These oils work! They are amazing!

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Supporting Scientific Studies
1.Associated topics: food-allergy-/-sensitivity,anaphylactic-shock-/-anaphylaxis — "[L]avender oil inhibits immediate-type allergic reactions [anaphylaxis] by inhibition of mast cell degranulation in-vivo and in-vitro."Link
2.Associated topics: food-allergy-/-sensitivity — "[T]he biological activity of 20 essential oils (EOs) from herbal plants and citrus fruits were investigated in terms of mammalian DNA polymerase (pol) inhibitory activity, cancer cell (human colon carcinoma) growth inhibitory activity, antiallergic activity... in rat basophilic leukemia cells, and antioxidant activity.... Among these EOs, chamomile... showed significant effects on both cancer cell growth and mast cell degranulation. On the basis of these results, chamomile EO can be recommended as a potentially useful, bioactive candidate for therapeutic applications."Link

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