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Thieves Oil For Cold Sores

Author: Wendy Pond
Skill: Massage Therapist
Location: NY, United States
Posted: 09-08-2005
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It is a nasty problem, but supposedly 50% of the population is plagued with cold sores at some time or another. This is what really convinced me of the antiviral power of the oils. I used to get cold sores at least a couple times a year. I tried the prescription stuff, the abreva, the other over the counter junk. Nothing treats it satisfactorily.

I started putting a drop of lavender in with my moisturizer lotion at night. I feel this reduced the frequency of breakouts. This is a tough one, but I read that you should avoid peanuts and peanut butter. Did that, and that may be helping as well. Nonetheless, I managed to develop a whopper of a cold sore last Spring on a Thursday. I decided to pull out the big guns, Thieves oil, and put a drop on my very swollen lip. That may have been enough, but I added another drop later, then another, then one before bed. Probably put more on the next day, but the sore had shrunk considerably and by Saturday a.m. I was able to easily flake off the whole thing, revealing pink healthy skin underneath!

Never before had anything dissolved my cold sore in two days. However, I caution anyone to start sparingly and not to overdo it, as I had the sensation of having very chapped lips for two weeks afterward. Thieves oil is very strong and I over-did it. Young living also recommends Melissa oil (Lemonbalm), but it is very expensive. Another company, Forces of Nature, makes a product with Lemonbalm called "H-balm", and this has stopped the virus in its tracks too. I will never be without it. Now that I am using oils more, I intend to try some Raindrop treatments to see if that might eradicate the virus from my system once and for all.

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