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What I Did For Pneumonia When Nothing Else Worked

Author: Angie S.
Date: 03-08-2014
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Several weeks ago I was suffering the respiratory stuff that just would not leave me (more in the chest than in the sinuses). Initially when I realized something was coming on, I did my usual preemptive routine.

I ramped up the ounces and frequency of NingXia Red juice and took the Inner Defense blend capsules 2 or 3 times a day. I was diffusing at night, which I always do, but I was not diffusing during the daytime. My usual routine was not sufficient this time.

When symptoms became worse, my husband was out of town, and I was feeling too lousy to do much for myself. I was not eating well (or often), living mostly on hot tea. I was not keeping up with oils like I should have because, when I would think about using them, they were in another room.

I truly did not feel well enough to get up and get them. I was pretty much planted on my family room sofa, only moving when I had to take a bathroom break. And that path did not lead me by my oils bag!

After entirely too long under the weather, I was asked by another Young Living distributor friend in a text message if I had tried every oil I have. I did not take the question seriously because I have a lot of oils, but the next day the Holy Spirit brought the question back to my mind.

And thankfully He kindly pointed out that I needed to bring the oils bag into the family room and put it on the ottoman where I could easily reach it (and USE the oils).

It sounds crazy that I had not thought of doing that, but I had been feeling so lousy that I obviously was not thinking clearly. I did as He suggested and brought the oils bag into the family room and then pondered how to use them.

My usual oils that I had used in the previous several days had seemingly not helped (although it is quite possible they kept me from being even sicker). I was impressed perhaps because of that texted question to just open up my oils bag and begin using 2 or 3 oils at a time, EVERY 15 to 30 MINUTES.

I proceeded in order through the rows of oils (they are alphabetical, in case that makes any difference). I mostly rubbed them on the bottom of my feet (2 or 3 drops of each) unless I knew for sure they were good respiratory oils. If they were, I rubbed them both on my feet and on my chest. (I did not feel like doing any research, so I was only using my memory in these decisions).

I breathed the oils off the palms of my hands each time I applied them. I also kept the diffuser going 24/7 with various oils (the RC, Raven, ImmuPower,Thieves, and Christmas Spirit oil blends, Hyssop and Eucalyptus. I set it where it ran right into my face as I laid on the couch. It took every ounce of effort I had to carry out this regimen because I was feeling really awful.

I did notice as I worked my way through the oils that there were actually a few that had never been opened, so some of them were virgin oils to me (oils I had never used before). Other oils I used were ones I had seldom used before. I continued to work my way from the first oil in the bag through consecutive rows, with 2 or 3 oils (sometimes 4) at a time (not repeating any).

I think it was around the fourth or fifth HOUR after I began the every 15 or 30 minute oils application that I could tell my fever had REALLY broken, and I was finally actually turning the corner.

I had been running a fever off and on for days; it would go down, then spike up, and then go down. But when it finally broke I could tell the difference immediately. I was sure it was really broken, and I was correct.

I started to REALLY feel better with every passing hour. But I still continued to work my way through the rows of oils in the bag (2 or 3 at a time). As I started feeling better and stronger, the time in-between applications was farther apart. I felt better, so I would forget.

By the second and third day, it was a few hours between applications of oils. It took into the third or fourth day before I was completely well, but it was STEADY IMPROVEMENT once I began working my way through my oils bag. Prior to that it had been about 2.5 weeks of slight improvements followed by relapse.

I think I had worked my way through about two thirds of the oils in my bag by the time I was well, at which time I stopped the regimen. I have no way of knowing if it was the VOLUME or VARIETY of oils I was using, the FREQUENCY of the initial application (every 15 or 30 minutes), the fact that I used some oils that I would have never used before.

In this process I may have happened across THE specific oil or oils that were exactly what I needed. It may have been a combination of all of the above. But it worked! I was completely well. (I used nothing pharmaceutical, only oils.) Why I put up with being sick for so long before I did SOMETHING is beyond me!

FYI: When my husband initially saw I was fighting something, he was much more immediate and diligent with oils for himself than I was. In addition to immediately taking Inner Defense capsules and upping his intake of NingXia Red juice, he was also taking capsules that he made for himself of Thieves, ImmuPower, and/or Oregano, along with caplets of Super C. And he never got sick!

CONCLUSION: AT THE VERY FIRST INDICATION OF ANYTHING TRYING TO COME ON, BE IMMEDIATE AND CONSISTENT WITH YOUR BATTLE PLAN. I also believe there is great benefit in the frequency of application and ingestion of the oils, supplements, and NingXia Red, particularly at the onset. Even if you only suspect you've been exposed to something, head it off at the pass!

This experience also points out that you CANNOT rely on 3 or 4 oils to fix everything that comes at you, even if they have always worked for you in the past. It is always a good idea to rotate through a VARIETY of oils (particularly if you use them daily).

At times like I experienced, it is good to have an even larger arsenal to draw from. And since we cannot run to a health food store when we get sick (or injured), we must already have on hand what we might need.

I have built my oils arsenal over 4 years. Young Living's monthly FREEBIES and the merchandise credits I earn from being on Essential Rewards have been a HUGE part of me being able to afford to amass a wide variety of oils.

When properly stored, essential oils really have no expiration date, so this also allows for building a good-sized arsenal without the worry of having to throw away expired bottles.

If you do succumb to illness, once the battle is over, be sure to repopulate your inner flora with quality probiotics (like Young Living Life 5). Approximately 80% of your immune system is in your digestive tract, and an illness will wipe out most of that good bacteria. It is imperative to keep it thriving.

I cannot diagnose for anyone, so what I have shared here is what worked for me. And I reiterate that we ONLY use Young Living brand THERAPEUTIC-GRADE oils.

We are thankful to have access to such high-quality, natural products that cause NO COLLATERAL DAMAGE while they are fighting off illness, assisting injuries, and/or providing emotional support.

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