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Forgot Cane After Crippling Backache Was Relieved

Author: Lily H.
Date: 03-08-2014
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I have used Young Living essential oils for a few years now and am always delighted to see how quickly they can relieve pain. But last night I saw something that simply amazed me.

My mother and I (both dedicated oilers) were chatting in her kitchen while a plumber worked upstairs. When he came down carrying his tools and a big bucket, we were shocked to see him bent nearly double and walking with a cane!

His face was ashen, his brow was beaded with sweat, and he was breathing noisily. Each exhalation was almost a grunt of pain.

What was the matter? He had terrible back pain going on for 3 days. Well, you don't let your fellow man walk around in that kind of agony.

We took off his coat and had him lean a little over the back of a chair. Out came the PanAway. I put that on his lower back where the pain was concentrated.

Then I applied the lovely Tranquil blend (with Lavender and Roman chamomile) to relax his muscles, which were tense all over the back. His back was like a brick wall.

I let him smell the Tranquil also; he relaxed, and his face softened just smelling it.

Next I layered on a few drops of Aroma Siez (Basil, Marjoram, and Lavender), a wonderful pain killer which also soothes muscle aches and inflammation.

As I did this, my mother talked to him about the car accident he was in 23 years ago that started his problems and how he is hooked on pain medication that barely works anymore. He is in pain all the time.

As I oiled his back, she saw his face relax from a pained grimace into a normal countenance. I heard his breathing slow and quiet down.

He had a few muscle spasms, so I applied more Tranquil on those spots. We thought a little Peace & Calming couldn't hurt, so I put some on the upper back and around the ears and neck.

Then I got out the Valor (might have started with that one!) and put it on the top of his spine, down the spine, and then over the lower back.

I let all that sit for a few minutes. He began to straighten up, and he moved his shoulders. He noticed the pain much reduced and kept saying how weird it was. He was genuinely astonished.

Then, just for kicks, I put a little Relieve It over the whole spine and finished with Peppermint.

So what worked? All of it! And it worked in under 20 minutes. It's hard to describe how much he changed and how he was able to function and move normally.

He said he felt one of his vertebrae move into place. He was able to stand straight. He started to get sensation back in his legs. He transformed before our eyes.

This was a man heading to his truck to take 4 more oxycodone, as he could barely move! He did not need them after all!! We were amazed to see this happen. Even though we know Young Living essential oils work, it's a blessing to witness something like this.

He was deeply grateful and thanked us for helping him. We packed a little PanAway for him to take home with information about Young Living Essential Oils. We also sent him home with DiGize to help with chronic constipation caused by the pain killers.

He wanted to pay me to come help his girlfriend with her knee pain. But all they need is some PanAway! When he left, we had to remind him to take his cane because he was about to leave it behind!

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