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No Sleep Because Of Cough & Cold

Author: Lisa L W.
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Date: 12-23-2013
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My husband Mark has been sick with a very bad cold for several days I have been giving him Thieves oil capsules, the blend that Thieves used during the a Middle Ages so that they could plunder the bodies of dead Bubonic/Black Plague victims for their money and treasures. The Plague killed off a quarter of the population of Europe, and so terrified people that they wouldn't even bury their dead, they left them in the streets to lie till morning, then burned the bodies.

So this virus infection has not developed into strep or bronchitis or pneumonia for my husband, but he still had a terrible hacking cough that had kept him up all night for about four nights in a row. He may have dozed, but that is it, because the cough kept waking him up. Also, his ribs and chest have been hurting because of the hacking cough. I diffused Thieves and RC each night.

Last night, at around ten o'clock we got in a terrible fight because he wouldn't come to bed. I said, "Why not" , and he said, "Because I can't sleep because I keep coughing and waking myself up. And it's been going on for days. I have been sleeping on the couch, or trying too." Well I told him what I thought about that strategy, and it escalated, because neither one of us has slept well for days.

So I prayed, and asked The Lord to help us, and show us what to do? Peppermint and RC oils immediately came to mind, and to rub it directly on his chest, back, and throat, and onto his mustache and beard. And that I should search this website and read other people's testimonies. So I did. Peppermint and RC oils kept coming up, and Raven, and Cypress, which I also had. I immediately knew what to do.

I went in and told him what I was going to do first; and then I prayed, and rubbed the Peppermint oil onto his chest, and had him breath it directly from my cupped hand afterwards. Then I rubbed two more drops onto his back and throat. I remembered reading about layering the oils, and waiting three to four minutes for each oil to penetrate and do it's work. The cough immediately stopped. I mean, it stopped cold, dead in it's tracks. I waited, then added RC. I never made it to the Raven, because his cough has finally stopped after at least four days and nights, and hardly any sleep, and nearly going mad from it and swearing at each other at the end because we both were losing it.

Oh, and after the fight, we made a trip to the grocery store where we got Niquil, cough drops, Cold Eaze, and even a bottle of booze, none of which helped at all. Only the Peppermint oil applied directly worked, and fast! And RC. I gave him Thieves oil throughout this in capsules which stopped bacterial infections (and took it myself and diffused it, so I haven't caught it, nor my parents).

He has been asleep for about 2.5 hours now as I write this. THANK GOD! The change was very dramatic, it stopped it cold, mid-cough. The oils are all unique and amazing , but I have a new respect now for Peppermint. Also good for headaches, and to wake you up, instead of coffee, just take a whiff of this, straight from the bottle. It's also very helpful for helping retain information for tests, with Cedarwood oil, and work.

One thing is for sure, I need to start leaning more about these oils, and use them more, a lot more...and encourage my friend's to try Peppermint. WOW!



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