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Black Pepper Biting Mites Nearly Destroyed My Life

Author: Olive Ann H.
Skill: Herbalist
Date: 11-10-2013
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I have been taking the formula, described below, for the purpose of taking out the mites from my body as they are blood parasites and do not want to go, evidently, as I experienced from three summers ago. As I took the tea, my wounds coming out are red, sore and lots of inflammation and worse than when going in and has taken a long long time to heal, but it is happening today.

The formula with essentials oils includes: Thieves, Clove, Peppermint, Oregano, Lavender; use with topical treatment as olive oil to heal mite sores. This also kills the Black Pepper spider mites.

In your cup of tea, starting out four cups a day: Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom and Black Pepper essential oils. Be prepared in a few days the release of mites from your body. I started the tea in August, 20013, and as of now, December, 2013, no more activity and wounds are almost all gone. DiGize essential oil is also essential for cleansing inside. I used for a few days and then just periodically now. Rub a few drops on your sides toward the center of tummy, bottom of feet and inside ankles for cleansing of your system.

You must do the deep breathing exercises and all the way to your toes....take a deep breath; hold a few seconds and then let out slowly while holding your tummy, standing up. Oxygen heals your body inside and the mites cannot handle oxygen or a healthy body. Without sleep and emotional trauma you can go down quickly as I did. I still have a shaven head and will as I have become paranoid and that will end very soon. The black spider biting mites like to make nests in your hair as they do on plants and then come down on your body. Wigs are very wonderful now.

As you drink the tea, some activity will happen on and off and you think, oh, no, they are back, but just more coming out and not active. One nest makes up to 30 mites and I had 300 nests on me at one time, so what was inside of me. It was easily gone with the outside and inside treatments using the oils.

I know the Father God put Young Living and Lynn Davis in my life just at the right time. I am very appreciative. My immune system was so damaged from no sleep for 2.5 years, as the mites come out when you go to sleep. But this week of December, 2013, I am sleeping all night and immune system coming back to normal, recently with lots of Vitimin E and carrot juice. I have found the sulfur will help this process of healing inside mites activity, which we have.

These essential oils have oxygen in them, all of them, because of the purity and gives them the healing properties.

This is something from a horror tale and I almost died twice, from just complications in my body weakness. Without this tea tixture I would be still fighting these mites and you cannot get rid of them. We had mice coming in from the basement and I spent that summer five hours at a time in my flowers, during the wet season, and we are at the base of the Ozarks; these mites found me instead of a squirrel.

The curtains downstairs in open basement were full of these tiny Black Peppers and also directly upstairs in our bedroom on cotton curtains. We cut them off and burned them. We have only silk on window treatments and bedspreads, no cotton anymore. Mice entrances have been closed permanently and have two cats outside and one inside! I did not know they were blood parasites and unable to get rid of until the testimony from a Dr. on this website and I knew I would make it, as I already had the tea tixture. I had that beautiful word, hope.

If I had written all the horrid things I would not have enough room. Thankful someone at Young Living had the patience to help us. The doctors said it was my imagination and no help for me. All our carpet taken up and sulfur powder put down before hardwood floors laid, you see one experience after another and now healed! I must say to have learned so much spiritually, would not want any of it taken away, each stage, another lesson so valuable. It seems who ever comes to me with a problem I have a healing answer for them now.

My husband, my supporter, was also attacked and healed. If anyone is going through this, I am here to talk.

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