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Car Accident Caused A Traumatic Brain Injury

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Date: 09-19-2013
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My son was in a car accident where his head hit the windshield, breaking it. This resulted in brain injury with a brain bleed. He was rushed to the hospital by EMTs who were literally betting on his demise (according to a fireman who was helping and listening).

When I learned of the accident, I didn't really believe it was true but I threw two oils in my handbag, Frankincense and Transformation before heading to the hospital.

I arrived and found him in the Emergency trauma room and immediately began using the Transformation oil blend on his big toes and on the arch of his feet. At this point I was made aware that he had a TBI and was glad to be using an oil that has a powerful effect on the brain. I would call this a God-incidence (so would Dr. Wayne Dyer) as I had no idea what my son's injuries would have been.

A few hours later I was up in the ICU with him and wanted to take out the Frankincense to begin using that on him. When I opened my bag I found Cedarwood oil instead! At first I was horrified because I do not like the smell of this oil and had planned on giving it away to a friend with an autistic child. I had to laugh when I realized that this too, was a God-incidence. Happily and frequently I used the Cedarwood oil on his large toes, knowing that this would be excellent for his brain injury.

I continued to use the oils topically and diffusing them everyday and all day while he was in the ICU and even after he was transferred to a regular floor. I used the Valor oil blend, Peppermint, Cedarwood, and Transformation on his forehead, temples and neck. I diffused the Joy oil blend, Valor, Lavender, Peppermint and, days later, blends of Ginger, Spearmint and Lemon to help stimulate his appetite. He barely ate anything for 10 days!

Here is the bottom line of my testimonial: my son never had ANY swelling on his face - none. He only had cuts on his forehead and some staples in the side of his head from the glass. His brain never had any significant edema or asymmetrical swelling, which would have necessitated surgery.

One of the ICU nurses asked me if my son didn't bruise. I told her that of course he bruised. Then I realized he had no bruising or ANY swelling in his face. This was a miracle considering the forceful impact of the collision. Most of us would bruise and swell up from much lesser trauma. The oils' powerful properties were working. I began to use them immediately and very frequently-topically at least 10 times per day. I really believe this made a huge difference.

Everyone who came to visit my son said they were so afraid of what he would look like but his face was never distorted. Everyone LOVED to come into the room and smell the oils diffusing. On the other hand, I perceived that the very serious drugs he was given were having terrible side-effects. I'll keep my narrative focused here except to comment that anyone admitted to a hospital needs to have an advocate to watch over them!

Once he got to rehab, after 2 weeks in the hospital, the rehab team planned his discharge for 8 days later. They said they never see people so high functioning after a TBI.

He still has residual numbness on the right side of his body, some neck pain and other pains. I know that with continued physical therapy, occupational therapy and use of the PanAway and Valor blends, he will continue to progress. The physical therapists in the outpatient rehab are comparing my son to another TBI patient (similar age) who has been in therapy for 9 months. My son has progressed beyond him in 5 weeks.

I give all the glory to God for his healing power for we know that HE is the Great Physician who heals all our dis-eases - Psalm 103:3. I also KNOW that God wanted me to use the oils on my son and to use them with confidence. I know that he gave me the presence of mind (which I did not have on my own) to put Transformation and the "mistaken" Cedarwood oil in my bag, especially when I did not even believe that he was in a car accident.

Thank you Gary Young. Your commitment to seeking God and His wisdom has blessed countless people - including myself, my family and my patients. God bless you, Mary and your sons.

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