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Special Oils Used In Last Stages Of Cancer

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Date: 08-03-2013
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After addressing a traumatic neck injury for myself with the oils, I'm very excited about the possibility that we can reverse or fix nearly anything. But creating well being often takes more effort than just going to the doctor and frankly, that puts many people off.

My friend's father was such a person and though he had a cancer that might have been helped, he was resigned to do whatever the doctor said, period. He was also resigned to agree with the doctor's original diagnosis that there was really no hope except maybe to extend his life by another six months or so. So sad indeed.

My friend came to me one day and said she couldn't handle the stress of the suffering her father was in anymore and asked if there were an oil to help.

We reviewed his current condition and complaints and we took a two-pronged approach. We considered oils for relaxation and the oils featured in the essential oils reference book for cancer. She agreed to tell her family these oils were "just" to help her father relax.

Her father really loved the oils, especially the Lavender, stating that the moment the oils were applied or diffused he was relaxed and relieved of pain in a way that the drugs dripping through his IV couldn't do! His color returned a bit, and so did his appetite.

While I would have loved was a total remission. I knew with him being totally bed-ridden and with all the harsh drugs coursing through his veins, coupled with his firm agreement with his doctor that he wouldn't make it, that we most likely would not see a miracle recovery. But as I have seen in many cases like this, I was thrilled to have given such peace to a man in his last days.

My friend said that herself, her mother, her sisters and brother found themselves actually laughing, playing games with him and speaking in such depth and with such warmth they felt that when he did pass nothing was left undone or unsaid. During this time, their father was miraculously peaceful and nearly pain-free, something that the drugs didn't provide.

Afterwards, my friend said one of her sisters took it the hardest so a few days after she urged her to use the essential oils. Within a day she was sad but balanced and confident she could handle this shift in her life.

While there's no way of telling, I believe that the oils suggested for cancer actually did start to reverse the disease thus reducing the man's pain, increasing his appetite and giving him back his color.

The oils of Lavender, the Peace & Calming oil blend, White Angelica, and the Joy oil blend helped his heart and mind, and gave him the support he required. These blends and single oils gave him the needed help to relax and be fully present with his loving family. This allowed him to enjoy the rest of his days and the process of releasing into the next life in peace.

This has happened to me twice, but I find it to be very significant and a great blessing: on the day he did pass, he told his daughter, "Please give Cathleen my love and thanks...nothing made me feel better than those oils."

Peace be with all of us throughout all our days...and this is possible, with the blessing of nature's power tools.

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Supporting Scientific Studies
1.Associated topics: cancer — Frankincense and myrrh showed anticancer effects.Link
2.Associated topics: cancer — "Local application of frankincense essential oil may provide a non-surgical treatment alternative, with no or minimal side effect for carcinoma in situ, minimally invasive carcinoma and pre-cancerous conditions such as actinic keratosis."Link
3.Associated topics: cancer — "DHEA [a component of PD 80/20], an androstene hormone [precursor to estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisone, and other hormones], has been shown to possess a wide range of beneficial biological effects mainly attributed to immune system modulation.... thus leading to beneficial effects in diverse human diseases including resistance to infection, neuroprotection, wound healing, diabetes, hepatic injury, cardiovascular disease, and cancer."Link
4.Associated topics: cancer — "Many plant extracts that protect against the development of oxidative stress manifest clear antilithiasic activity [preventing the formation of or relieving the symptoms of kidney stones].... Evidence obtained to date supports a contributory role of polyphenols [present in essential oils] in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, some cancer types, and osteoporosis.... The results show an improvement of the renal function in some treated groups with an increase of diuresis and creatinine excretion due to polyphenols pretreatment. Our results clearly validate the ability of polyphenols to protect against papillary calcification of kidney tissue, consequently preventing the development of papillary calculi [kidney stones].... The collective findings to date support a protective effect of polyphenols on kidney tissue. Thus, considering that injury of papillary tissue constitutes the first step in the development of COM papillary calculi, the antioxidant action of polyphenols may contribute significantly to their antilithiasic action."Link
5.Associated topics: cancer — "D-limonene is one of the most common terpenes in nature. It is a major constituent in several citrus oils.... Being a solvent of cholesterol, d-limonene has been used clinically to dissolve cholesterol-containing gallstones. Because of its gastric acid neutralizing effect and its support of normal peristalsis, it has also been used for relief of heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). D-limonene has well-established chemopreventive activity against many types of cancer. Evidence from a phase I clinical trial demonstrated a partial response in a patient with breast cancer and stable disease for more than six months in three patients with colorectal cancer."Link
6.Associated topics: cancer — "Thujaplicin, a minor component of Aomori Hiba [Hinoki], showed rather strong antifungal activity against seven kinds of plant-pathogenic fungi.... Thujaplicin and hinokitiol (the major component of Aomori Hiba [Hinoki]) also showed clear antibacterial activity against Legionella pneumophila SG 1 and L. pneumophila SG 3 [Legionnaires disease, pneumonia].... This compound showed strong insecticidal activity against Reticulitermes speratus [termites], and it also had clear acaricidal [ticks, mites] activity against Dermatophagoides farinae [house dust mites].... [T]he strong cytotoxic effect of Thujaplicin on murine P388 lymphocytic leukemia cell line [CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia] should be emphasized...."Link
7.Associated topics: cancer — "[T]he biological activity of 20 essential oils (EOs) from herbal plants and citrus fruits were investigated in terms of mammalian DNA polymerase (pol) inhibitory activity, cancer cell (human colon carcinoma) growth inhibitory activity, antiallergic activity... in rat basophilic leukemia cells, and antioxidant activity.... Among these EOs, chamomile... showed significant effects on both cancer cell growth and mast cell degranulation. On the basis of these results, chamomile EO can be recommended as a potentially useful, bioactive candidate for therapeutic applications."Link

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