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Traumatized Child Relaxes Soon After Dog Encounter

Author: Cat S.
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Date: 08-01-2013
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Early on in my energy practice, I was visiting my family for the holidays when the unthinkable happened - the child of a visiting friend of a friend was "attacked" by one of our family's dog, a pit bull mix.

The visiting friend was in the process of a nasty divorce and wanted a place to give his 6 year old son a happy time, so we happily asked him to join us especially since there would be a half dozen other children of various ages too. For the first few hours the children all played well together, so we thought. But later we were told this little boy was not being nice to the dog, and in fact had been taunting her all day.

The truth about this dog is that she had no idea she was anything but a big puppy, a lap dog and she'd never bitten anyone in her life of 8 years. We were all horrified that she would bite anyone, especially a child. It didn't seem right.

But we couldn't process that at the moment...for when the snarling, loud bark and screams from the child began we all rushed to find this small boy covered in blood from his forehead down. Needless to say we were all traumatized and rushing around with loud voices. The child simply would not calm down and he wouldn't let us touch him. He ran, kicked and fought our every attempt to get to his wounds.

Remembering that I had the oils with me in my bag frankly took a few minutes because I was so shocked, but I snapped out of it and grabbed the only oils I had. By now we'd cornered the boy in the kitchen and his father was about to forcefully grab him.

I asked everyone to back off for a moment, reached my hand over to his face and waved it about - remember, I couldn't ask him to breathe deeply or even take a whiff. I poured what must have been 20 drops of Peace & Calming on my palm, and I simply kept waving it back and forth.

Within MOMENTS this terrified little boy simply slid down into his father's outstretched arms and began to whimper.

Remembering that faces tend to bleed profusely, and hoping for the best, I took a dampened terry dishcloth and kept saying "It's just a scratch but we'll fix it...Daddy is here and he'll fix it." Thankfully that was the case, it turned out to be actually just one scratch and very light indeed. There was no other injury and the scratch was so light there would be no need for stitches.

When we were at this point, everyone in the room - about 30 people - were all murmmering that they had to get some of that "stuff" that was in my hand because none of us had ever seen anything like the immediate effect the Peace & Calming blend had had.

While this was happening a few of the men had grabbed the dog and taken her to another room. She too was traumatized and whimpering. Remember, she'd never attacked anyone before. I went into the bedroom this time with Lavender and my heart ached as she cried and crawled over to me on the floor, her tail firmly between her legs. I applied some Lavender and she sighed deeply and began to relax.

These events are all great, but what followed I think are the most amazing aspects to the story:

First, the child - unprompted - apologized to his father and to us for teasing the dog and then explained what had actually happened: he was pulling the dog's ear hard when she simply barked at him and pushed him away with her big paw, accidentally catching him with her claw! She didn't attack him at all!

Second, he was immediately anxious to apologize to the dog and pet her, to make her feel better!

And lastly, the next day we got a call from the soon-to-be ex-wife of the father. She apologized to us and said that she wanted us to know she was fine, the boy was fine and she wouldn't be pressing charges or asking for a vet to review the dog's health.

With the dog being a pit bull and there being a nasty divorce brewing, you can just imagine how this could have gone.

The oils not only shifted terror and trauma immediately, but I believe through their higher vibration helped us all remain in the frequency of love and forgiveness.

And as a final note, the boy's face healed perfectly with no indication of any cut at all - though to be clear, no oils were actually applied to him physically.

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