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I Have Shed 35 Pounds From My Body

Author: Krystyne B.
Skill: Kinesiologist
Date: 07-27-2013
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I have shed 16kg (35 pounds) and am moving towards my ideal weight. People keep asking me what I've been doing, so here is my regime in detail:

I drink filtered water and always add some Young Living Oils. Prior to adding oils, I hardly drank any water, but now I can easily drink at least one litre per day. My favorites are Peppermint (1 drop) plus Citrus Fresh (2 drops) or Lemon and Grapefruit or Slique Essence.

Breakfast is a liquid meal blended with a Bamix, containing:

NingXia Red (60mls)
Balance Complete (one & a half scoops)
Juva Power (a heaped teaspoon)
Organic Raw Cacao powder (half a scoop)
Frozen Organic Raspberries (a handful, or sometimes half a banana)
filtered water (250mls)

With this I take Slique Slim Caps. These are only available from the USA, so I have a second NFR Autoship each month that adds to my Essential Rewards points for free products!

Mid morning, I have a piece of fruit or a cup of Slique tea
and filtered water with oils in it.

Lunch is my main meal now, as I tend to lose more weight that way. Eating late evening seems to slow down my progress.

I incorporate as much Alkaline food as possible within each meal, eg. baby spinach, alfalfa sprouts, broccolini, snow peas, celery sticks - or add Organic Apple Cider Vinegar which is the only alkaline promoting vinegar. For acid-binding, I include Juva Power and Essentialzymes-4* (NFR)

Mid Afternoon I have an apple or pear, a cup of Slique Tea, NingXia Red (60 mls) with filtered water. Or if I am really hungry I might mix my NingXia Red with Power Meal.

My evening meal is light, eg. vegetable soup or some steamed or baked fish with broccolini or asparagus, or a home-made free range chicken casserole. With this meal, I also take Essentialzymes-4* (NFR) OR I may substitute this meal with Power Meal and MultiGreens* (NFR).

Late evening, on the rare occasion I still feel hungry, I may have some Power Meal to boost my protein intake.

Before Bed - I take:
AlkaLime powder (a heaped teaspoon)
Omega Gize (2 softgels)
Longevity (1 softgel)
GLF* oil (5 drops) plus SclarEssence Oil (5 drops)
Stress Away Oil* (5 drops) all in a gel capsule [*NFR]

I've also ordered the QuadShield pack from the USA on NFR because I needed the Thyromin to give my thyroid a boost.

I do very little exercise, so I'm sure I would have shed more than 16 kilos if I had dedicated more time and effort to physical movement. The main thing I focus on is alkalizing foods, plenty of water and taking my Young Living supplements. In general, here's what's working best:

NO gluten foods, rice or pasta
NO milk (other dairy is OK for me)
My main meal is at lunch rather than dinner

NO sweets or chocolate other than the raw cacao powder or an occasional few pieces of extra dark organic chocolate

Nutritive support
The NingXia Red is crucial to my weight loss and must be at least 120 mls per day.

The Juva Power and AlkaLime are necessary to neutralize acidity, and decrease the inflammation that leads to fluid retention in my body.

Essentialzymes-4 help me get maximum benefits from my food and make it easier for my body to process so the toxic waste isn't stored as excess body weight.

The Slique Caps fill me up (fibre) and their oils stimulate my metabolism and block fats.

The Balance Complete and Power Meal give me nutrients and enzymes and have stopped cravings for any 'bad' foods. I can't eat sugary foods anymore!

Longevity and OmegaGize give me my fat-soluble antioxidants and EFAs.

I also put loads of essential oils on my body every morning after my shower (mixed in with Genesis Body Lotion or Cellite or V-6 Blend) and that has varied considerably according to the issues and emotions I'm working through at the time.

As a practitioner, I'm aware that most of the oils I've applied and the nutrients I've ingested have been mainly directed to my liver, which plays a huge role in the hormonal aspects of the body, as well as detoxification.

I have used oils to neutralise cortisol residue from stress, to neutralise petrochemicals binding on the outside of cells and interfering with hormonal activity, to stimulate release of acidity and fluids and to deal with the effects of specific emotions I am working on in my processing.

I usually muscle test the specific oils I need on the day and there are too many to list here. However, the ones that have come up most frequently are Dragon Time, EndoFlex, Sacred Mountain, Peace & Calming, SARA, and Trauma Life and I believe they have been quite influential in calming my nerves and assisting my hormonal balance. I firmly believe that our intention when applying the oils is very important and, as Gary Young says, saturation is also important if we want to make a real difference to anything of a chronic nature.

Overall, the fact that Young Living's nutritive products are so balanced and rich in nutrients means I am very satisfied with a lot less food - and everything in my body is working better. I just love the entire Young Living range and would have a challenge if I had to list my favourite oils and products here - let alone was unable to access to any of them!

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