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Large Unsightly Lipoma Is Nearly Gone

Author: Mara Rest
Skill: Healer
Location: MA, United States
Posted: 06-17-2013
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About 20 years ago I had a fairly large growth under my arm which was unsightly and uncomfortable. We had it removed since the doctors were not sure what it was. Later it was determined to be a lipoma (which is a fatty tumor and generally harmless).

After a few years it started growing back, until 10 years later it was again about one inch wide and possibly a little less thick. The last few months it also started to hurt, was sensitive to the touch, and generally very uncomfortable. I kept thinking I had to make an appointment to have it removed again, when I thought - duh, why not try the oils?

I started applying frankincense and lemon, 2-3 drops mixed with some V-6 (Vegetable oil blend) about once a day. After 10 days it was only half the size. I felt it getting softer to the touch, a little more spread out, and shrinking.

Then I read a few days ago to use frankincense and clove together, and after just 3 applications of that it has shrunk even more and is now about a third of the size it was before, and much softer/spread out.

I will continue to use the frankincense and clove, 2 drops in the carrier oil and apply on location and will update this post in two weeks to see what has happened. I am totally amazed how fast it has been working, considering how long I have had this lipoma, and I am very happy I will not have to have local surgery.

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