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Applying Essential Oils On A Show Horse

Author: Kendra K.
Skill: Veterinarian
Date: 05-23-2013
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I love to use my essential oils to help me and my horse, not only get through a show with less stress, but feel better and place higher as well. I am privileged to own a very nice cutting horse, a 5 year old mare named Classy that I recently purchased and am now showing. This is what I like to do for us that I've found works well to help our performance. The best thing is, Young Living's essential oils are totally natural, safe, effective, non-toxic, and yet they move out of the bloodstream so fast that they will not test.

First of all, I start with Valor as it is my absolute favorite of the oils. It's a blend exclusive to Young Living formulated to balance the body's energy. Its also called the chiropractor in a bottle and helps give confidence. I put a couple of drops of Valor on Classy's poll. Horses are like people, virtually all of them have some tension at their poll. I also put a drop on her sacrum and a drop at her tailhead. Keep in mind, as Im putting the oils on her, I'm also getting the benefits as well, not only am I inhaling them (it is aromatherapy after all) but I'm getting them on my hand, so they are going into my bloodstream as well.

The second oil I use is Harmony. It is also a blend, and exclusive to Young Living. It is my favorite to use on any horse I work on during show day as it helps bring the mind, body, and environment into connection. Harmony works particularly well on Classy as she tends to overreact to new environments. I rub a couple of drops around the coronet bands on her front feet, then let her breathe from the bottle for several seconds.

Because Classy is a nervous horse who has a tendency for ulcers, I also put a few drops of the blend DiGize on a cookie and feed it to her. This helps soothe her digestive system so its not complicating the entire situation.

I am very thankful that Classy is a very sound horse. It never hurts to do a little prevention though. I like to use some of the oils on any sore or stiff areas. We have two great formulas called Ortho-Ease and Ortho Sport which are massage oils blended with our Essential Oils that work great for larger areas of tightness. Save the area under the saddle for after riding though just like any other lineament because it will heat the back up too much. You can use these on joints as well, I rub some on Classy's hocks and stifles. Cutting horses, like reiners and reined cow horses continually beat up their hocks and stifles from all the stopping and turning they do. You can't use too much prevention on their joints. A little oil goes a long way too!

Now its time to saddle up and get going! In my show bag I put a bottle of Peace & Calming. When I'm doing my final grooming and putting Classy's splint boots on and such, I take a big breath of Peace & Calming to calm my nerves. I also put a little on myself, usually on my wrists. If Classy is acting agitated at all, I will do the same for her, but by this point, its usually me who needs the help!
After showing, I like to help flush the toxins out of her muscles and joints. My favorite thing to do is to make a rinse with some warm water (if possible) and a little apple cider vinegar and add some oils. I might add any of the following which are all soothing and good for inflammation - Copaiba, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Lavender, Idaho Balsam Fir, Basil, and/or Marjoram. Just adding a few drops of Aroma Siez works fine too. If there are any really painful areas, I put the oils on there undiluted. When I get home, I do the same thing for me.

The best part is that often we leave the show feeling better than when we came!

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