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Rosacea & Ocular Rosacea - Autoimmune Diseases

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Date: 04-08-2013
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Rosacea is an auto-immune disease. I was diagnosed with that, and had markers leading to lupus. Basically I was told there was nothing I could do to get rid of it, and that it would only get worse. I went through a time of depression, but then decided to research more about Rosacea and Lupus. After researching numerous sites, and reading several books, I became convinced that the Rosacea I was dealing with was actually yeast and fungal related.

I read The Fungus Link by Doug Kaufmann, which opened my eyes to the fact that all auto-immune diseases are a result of the foods we eat. I highly recommend this book! I have more links below to help get you started, if this is what you are dealing with.

I also was dealing with ocular rosacea, where the glands in your eyes get clogged up, causing sties, dry eyes. My eye lashes were short and stubby, due to the ocular rosacea, and I had to scrub my eyes 1-2 times a day with warm water and a mild soap to try to keep them clear (not always successful until I was making serious lifestyle and food changes, and supporting that with my essential oils.)

It really took both changing my eating habits and supporting my health with essential oils for 1 to 1 ½ years. I really noticed the most dramatic change with my pink cheeks gradually disappearing, but when my eyelashes grew back, I was thrilled! That whole process took over two years, but was sooo worth it!

My health routine included a monthly Raindrop Technique session, applying a few drops of the oils on my feet daily (Oregano, and the Purification oil blend), and applying Lavender, Frankincense on my face, cheeks and nose, around the eyes and eye bones. Knowing what I know now, I would have had a weekly Raindrop session, and then adding the RD in a bottle on my feet daily, and using other skin supporting oils…Manuka, tea tree, etc.

I had been using other brands of soap for my face recommended by my doctor, but with learning about the toxins in those other products, I quit using those and started using the lavender hand soap (diluted by 1:4) to clean my face and scrub my eyes. My facial skin was and is very sensitive, and this was mild enough that I could use it without it stinging, but others may be able to use it undiluted. (I still scrub my eyes out of habit, as I don't want the sties to come back, which they occasionally did for quite some time!!).

But I began using the ART Cleanser, which I LOVE, as it is also mild and does NOT sting my eyes or face, and has so many more skin supporting oils and ingredients! But I dilute it, as well. The ART set and other facial care products have made a dramatic change in how my face feels. Even though I have had “good skin” all my life (except for the years I was dealing with rosacea), and my skin is so soft now!

By the way, baby shampoos have formaldehyde in them, so that's why it doesn't sting babies' eyes. I used it for years unknowingly on my babies and myself, as well. But I know better now!

I won’t change from the Young Living facial care products! It is a no brainer! These products are all toxin free, and skin-health supporting ingredients. Besides that, these are all very concentrated, so it takes very little of any of them.

The ART Kit and other facial care products are all amazing....Sandalwood Face cream, Sheerlume (love, love, love!), the Wolfberry eye cream, Rose ointment, ART Intensive moisturizer and the others are great choices. I swap out and use one and then another. They are all gentle on my eyes and face!! And again, all non-toxic!

I am thankful to the Lord for my pure Young Living oils and non-toxic products!! Not only has my rosacea cleared up, but I have my life back again. I was also dealing with fibromyalgia (all of it related to the yeast fungal issue). I lost about 40 lbs after going on the yeast fungal diet, due to my dietary changes, supporting with essential oils, and slowly adding in exercise. I have more energy, better focus, less pain and my face is clear!

The Fungus Link 1, 2, and 3 by Doug Kaufmann
The Germ that Causes Cancer by Doug Kaufmann
Grain Brain

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