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Experimenting With Different Remedies For Acne

Author: Hayley R.
Date: 04-08-2013
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I've struggled with terrible acne since I hit puberty in my early teens. I'm 22 and still struggling with it. I can't give you an exact recipe that would clear your acne right up like most testimonials I've read.

What I can tell you, for me anyway, it's been a trial to combat several things that have caused or contributed to my skin condition. Granted, my face is not 100% clear yet, but it gets better every day. If you've tried practically everything and nothing seems to work, I'll tell you what steps you can take to help.

* Hormones play a HUGE part in it. Probably 99% of my acne problems occur because my body is out of balance. I recommend starting with this first. I personally use Progessence oil.

* What you put on your face matters. Your skin is just another organ. It's the gateway to absorb or expel substances. So if you don't decide to use one of the Young Living face cleansers, make sure to use an all-natural face wash, lotion, and makeup.

* Avoid things with SLS (sodium laurel sulfate--or any sulfates) parabens, fragrances, petroleum, etc. These things are absorbed into the skin. Always read labels and do your research. Just because it says "all natural" doesn't mean it is. This will pay off, trust me.

* Change your diet. Work from the inside out! If you're like me and nothing seems to work, it's probably an internal problem. Your skin is simply a reflection of how you treat your body. Just by changing my diet it cleared up probably 25% of my face (or at least a seemingly permanent breakout).

* You can start slow (I'd recommend not changing it drastically--I was sick for a few days while my body adjusted). My suggestions would be to drink more water, less soda, and try to avoid sugar, dairy products and deep fried food (I know, I
craved those things too). Take vitamins or put oils in capsules and take those.

* Focus on using oils that decrease inflammation, combat scarring, kill bacteria, and/or are strictly used for skin. A lot of the pimples that go away will leave scarring or discoloration.

So even if you treat the acne properly, your skin still needs some TLC so it can repair itself. Remember, just because it doesn't list a certain oil as being used specifically for acne, doesn't mean it won't work for you. I use some fairly obscure oils.

* Take the time to do some deep pore cleaning. This can help to get the oils deeper into your pores. I've used the mint scrub wash as a mask and I always wash my face with--as hot as I can stand it--water. Then immediately apply oils. THE MORE THE

* Oil production. I use Lemongrass for my oily skin--and I have extremely oily skin. This has balanced the sebum nicely for me.

* MOISTURIZE! It doesn't matter your skin type, always moisturize. Be sure to use a good one with no toxins in it!

NOTE: Some of your breakouts may be the product of detox. I've noticed a pattern on some of my breakouts reoccurring in the same place or pre-existing pimples get worse before they go away. So don't worry if your acne seems worse for a little while. Continue to treat as normal.

This is the regime that works for me. I hope this helps!

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