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Child With Cystic Fibrosis Had Pseudomonas & MRSA

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In May of 2012 my second granddaughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 12 months old. This was quite a shock to the family and we had a lot to learn about the disease. Being a person who is very supportive of natural, home remedies and opposed to the overuse of prescriptions in our country, I had to submit to the fact that my grandchild would be on medications for the rest of her life.

I had been making lotions and wipes and other homemade natural products for my grandchildren to try and give them the most natural products I could find and/or create. I had been holding onto a Young Living catalog for exactly one year but had never purchased anything because I just didn't see how I could afford it.

As a result of this diagnosis I signed up to be a distributor in the hopes that there was something I could do to help my granddaughter fight the odds against her. When you're faced with a terminal illness, you feel very helpless. My Young Living sponsor did some research in her essential oils reference book. I talked to the acupuncturist I was seeing, and I researched this site for insight as to how to help her be the healthiest she could be.

After only having been diagnosed for a month, she cultured positive for pseudomonas. This was a dreadful diagnosis because it meant 40 more minutes of breathing treatments of an antibiotic every day for 30 days. But worse than that, the understanding in the CF community based on experience is that once a person with CF has pseudomonas they never get rid of it.

The plan of treatment is to alternate one month on, one month off of this very strong inhaled antibiotic. The thought of this was heart wrenching! It's already difficult to keep a busy toddler tied to a nebulizer and respiratory chest compression vest for nearly two hours per day when not on this added regimen.

I did more research and found out which essential oils have been scientifically proven to KILL pseudomonas. There is a scientific study of Thieves killing pseudomonas in a contaminated building. There are also studies of Cinnamon and Clove killing pseudomonas, both of which are in Thieves. I shared this information with the baby's parents and they were willing to give it a try, anything to avoid this destiny.

Thanks to donors who help to financially support my daughter's family with the expenses involved with a chronic disease, they were able to buy the TheraPro diffuser and start diffusing Thieves in the baby's bedroom. This is the optimal diffuser for them because it emits pure oils, it's not mixed with water like most diffusers.

This is crucial for a person with CF because the first thing you are taught is no humidifiers are allowed because water is a carrier of bacteria that can be dangerous to someone with CF. They diffused during nap time and the first couple of hours of her sleeping at night. We would also apply it to her feet twice a day or we'd apply another oil that we felt led to use (such as Eucalyptus Radiata, Lavender, Melaleuca Alternifolia, or Peppermint).

When the day came for her to be tested again, after the 30 day treatment prescribed by the doctors along with our personal treatment plan of Thieves essential oil, we eagerly awaited the 5 days for the results. She tested negative!!

Yay!! And although she plays in toilets, mud puddles, dirt, and dirty diapers regularly (seriously, she loves all of the things that now make us cringe because that is where pseudomonas lives and dwells), she continues to test negative each time! We praise God each time!

A couple of months later she contracted staph, Staphylococcus aureus, another dreaded bacteria for those with CF that puts fear into the heart of the mommies (and Nana's). The bacteria are harbored in the lungs of a person with CF and you just hope they don't colonize.

No antibiotics are prescribed for the staph unless they are symptomatic which she was not. My daughter was told it would never go away, that she would always carry this bacteria.

More research was conducted and we found that there are essential oils proven to kill staph. So, we implemented a plan to diffuse primarily Lavender oil and Melaleuca Alternifolia, alternating. They'd apply Thieves to her feet along with whatever of the two diffusing oils wasn't being used. Again, another praise, after this essential oil regimen for one month, we eliminated it, she tested negative at her follow up!!

They bought the ImmuPower, Exodus II, and RC oil blends to have on hand for when she starts to get a cough but so far, they've never been used and we praise God for that!! Statistics say that healthy kids contract an average of 6-8 colds per year, not to mention flus, earaches, pink eye, etc, yet this active toddler who has CF has not been sick once in the seven months we've been using the Young Living essential oils!

Cystic Fibrosis is a very complicated genetic disease that affects every body system with the exception of the neurological system, primarily the digestive and respiratory. I am thankful that along with the medical advances that have been made, we are able to encourage a healthier life for our precious little granddaughter.

With the discernment of the Lord and the pure oils that Young Living derives from the amazing plants He created for our use, we are successful with our goal.

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