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Lipoma Tumor The Size Of Half A Cricket Ball

Author: Helen Palombo
Skill: Raindrop Technique
Location: Nsw, Australia
Posted: 11-15-2012
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My thirteen year old son is quite a sportsman and cricket is the name of the game for the summer season. He has been playing a lot of cricket, 3 days a week and as he is working towards selection trials in training as well.

After a representative game where he was batting most of the game and scored an impressive 85 runs, I noticed a large lump on his upper left arm. According to my son it had been there for a few months but due to the amount of batting and the extended use of the triceps muscle the lump was very pronounced and protruded about the size of a cricket ball cut in half, it looked like a malformed muscle.

A visit to the doctor diagnosed it as a fatty tissue benign tumour called a Lipoma. Nothing we needed to do, if it gets in the way we can operate and cut it out, were the directions I was given.

A search on revealed some essential oils useful for Lipoma. Frankincense, lavender and Di Gize, 2 drops of each oil on the Lipoma twice a day.

I had those three oils on hand so I started the protocol that day. My son, not convinced that these smelly oils would do anything, reluctantly and with much grumbling and whining sat still for the whole 3 minutes it took to apply the oils.

We started this treatment on the 23rd of October and today it is the 16th of November so it is just over three weeks and the half cricket ball size Lipoma has now reduced to a size smaller than my little finger, in fact my son has to flex his muscle for me to feel it at all now.

As a newbie to essential oils I was really only experimenting, and not really expecting much, especially a result as miraculous as this and so quickly. I shall never have a doubt now about the power of Young Living oils!

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