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Stomach Virus Eased With Thieves Oil

Author: Tricia Green
Skill: Reflexologist
Location: LA, United States
Posted: 09-25-2012
Views: 3,590
Word Length: 130
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I got sick with a stomach virus that started with vomiting and then turned into diarrhea. It seemed like it would never end. I was constantly going to the bathroom, plus I didn't feel well.

Then I read online on that someone took Thieves internally to help stop the diarrhea. I decided to try it. I put 4 drops in a vegetable capsule and waited to see if it would help. Yes, it did. No more diarrhea and about 30 minutes later I started to feel whole lot better.

I was able to sleep well that night and I took some more the next day to make sure that stuff was gone. I love Young Living essential oils. Thanks Gary Young!

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