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Hiatal Hernia Brought Abdominal Discomfort

Author: Sarah Strain
Skill: Reflexologist
Location: MD, United States
Posted: 08-21-2012
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Word Length: 177
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For approximately two years I have had constant abdominal discomfort which I blamed on stressful living assuming that I had an ulcer or gallbladder issues. I was unable to eat spicy or fried foods and if I ate a late dinner I was miserable all night long. I had tests run and I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and was directed to take an acid reducer. While there was slight improvement I still was uncomfortable.

Being recently certified as a reflexologist I was introduced to Young Living by my instructor. I was immediately engrossed in the products and the many benefits. My initial order was for the basic oils set, followed by Ningxia Red products and more oils.

I started taking the Ningxia Red faithfully everyday and I began applying Digize to my abdomen and on the Vita Flex points on my feet. Voila!! I am feeling much better- the discomfort has gone away and I am now able to eat many foods that I couldn't in the past. I'm a firm believer.

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