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The Death Of Hundreds Of Unwanted Parasites

Author: Dr. F. Gianmichael S.
Skill: Naturopath
Date: 07-10-2012
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As a specialist in Eastern Medicine and a holistic healing practitioner, I've been a fan of Young Living's essential oils for over ten years now, but it was only after these incredibly pure and effective oils quite literally helped save my life that I decided it was time to become an distributor.

When squirrels, bats and birds decided to make their nests in the crawlspace above my condo unit this winter, I thought nothing of it. Maintenance was working on the problem, and I thought that would be the end of that. But this summer, when the first intense heatwave hit, and I turned on the HVAC air conditioning unit, hundreds of tiny little black and red mites came out of the A/C duct, and landed on me. Within seconds, they began painfully burrowing beneath my skin, so I jumped in the shower, and began to try to wash them off, but it was already too late.

Over the next three months, we tried everything, including two very strong and potentially toxic oral and topical medications to kill the mites, essential oils from a French manufacturer, and every herbal, holistic and topical treatment, including borax soaks, apple cider vinegar baths -- all with no results.

By the end of the second month, the red avian mites (as we would later identify them) had reproduced so many times that there were over ONE THOUSAND adult and larvae in my body, and began to lay eggs in my eyelids and eyebrows, groin and under my nails. As the next batch hatched, my corneas were getting scratched unbelievably, and I couldn't even see clearly.

The emergency room just insisted that we keep using the toxic oral and topical creams, but all of the medical literature clearly said that these avian mites (which were actually featured in a very recent LA Times article, on July 7, 2012) were resistant to all traditional treatments.

My dear friend, Teri McComsey immediately sent me a box with samples of the Thieves Oil, Clove, Peppermint, Oregano, and Lavender oils, when I told her that was what I needed to use next. When they arrived, I made a small batch of topical treatment, using olive oil, and all of the above oils, as well as beginning to drink four cups a day with one drop of each oil in a Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom and Black Pepper infused herbal tea.

Within hours, the mites, which never leave their host until they die, as these are BLOOD FEEDERS, not like the scabies or dust mite, began burrowing back out of my legs, arms, chest and scalp, where they would fall out and die.

It's been four days, and already 200-300 of the mites have come out and died. Painful? Yes, but after becoming severely anemic, I was much more worried about the impact of them remaining in the body, since I already suffer from Early Onset Parkinson's Disease and have a critically compromised immune system. So when I say that Young Living Essential Oils saved my life, I'm serious.

Without question, I believe that, as a wise man once said, "Happiness is the object and design of our existence," and I am so very grateful to Gary and everyone at Young Living for being able to regain that sense of wellness and happiness after three terrible months of suffering!

I wasted no time when those oils arrived, and that next day, placed my order to become a Young Living distributor, and will be one for LIFE!

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