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Mother Rejected New Baby Calf

Author: Jo-Anne Eadie
Skill: Hypnotherapist
Location: ON, Canada
Posted: 05-18-2012
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The first calf this spring was born on a cold windy damp cloudy day to a first time Mother and she had a lot of trouble. He was a big calf but once the little bull was born, the Mother was exhausted but also showed no signs of interest in the baby. She didn't lick him off and completely ignored him. We rubbed him down and put him inside a shelter with her but still no interest. We figured we would probably lose him. She didn't go after him but just ignored him.

The next morning there he was up and trying to nurse but he had something wrong with his tongue like it didn't work properly. The Mother would move away whenever he tried to nurse. I got some colostrum from the farm behind us and a big calf bottle and stroked his throat to make him swallow. It wasn't working and it was as if he had this big fat numb tongue in the way.

I used the Acceptance oil blend from Young Living. I put it on myself, presented it to the Mother by letting her smell it first, beginning with one nostril. She took a big whiff and actually turned her head and presented the other nostril and whiffed again.

I did the same with the baby and put it on his ears and head. I then sat with them and asked all the divas and fairies, gnomes and elves, Lady of the Land, elementals and any other positive energies of the highest good and purest intention to help this Mother and baby connect.

I had clients all day so I had to go but I really thought we would lose him and I would find him dead later in the day. At four o'clock, I went back out and there he was bright as a new penny and beginning to nurse. She still moved away a lot but we had them in an enclosed area so she couldn't go far. I continued with the Acceptance oil.

After a couple of days, I presented Sacred Frankincense but the Mother really reacted to this oil negatively. She snorted and backed away. I got Acceptance out and she came right over and had a big whiff.

It has been six weeks and Chucky is doing amazing. Our cows are grass fed beef and we bless them and thank them for being our pure nutritious food with nothing added in the meat. They have a wonderful life on our farm with green pastures and no stress. People ask me if we will keep Chucky and I say no because it is his job this time around to be good nutritious food and we honour that.

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