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Colon Cancer & High Blood Pressure At Age 82

Author: Cheryl M.
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Date: 04-17-2012
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My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2006 at age 82. At the time, she was looking after my dad who was more than a handful so she did not see a doctor about her change in bowel habits. By the time she admitted it to me, she was having moderate blood and mucus loss from the bowel. Colonoscopy confirmed cancer - a tumor.

The doctors recommended immediate surgery as the tumor had already occluded half the lumen in the bowel. If it continued to grow, it would cause complete blockage of the bowel, a medical emergency.

I felt she was too weak to undergo the surgery. Therefore we refused immediate surgery and I took mum to Hippocrates Health Institute on the Gold Coast. We spent a month there doing basic health treatments. We were really fortunate to have been able to attend the retreat as it closed in 2008 although the centre still sells products and provides newsletters.

Mum had to endure a colonic, which is a high bowel washout, for an hour every day for 30 days. She hated this treatment. It was embarrassing and sometimes painful but she persevered. I observed green, slimy, putrid, mucusy lumps of bowel motion being swept away with the water.

For the whole four weeks, we juice fasted for 3 days, then had 4 days eating only raw food. We were encouraged to walk as far as possible every day, encouraged to have at least one sauna a day followed by a plunge into the freezing pool.

Mum could not tolerate the cold plunge so just put her feet in. Massage therapy was highly encouraged including massage of the abdomen. Reflexology was also available but our finances did not stretch to this.

There was a small gym which we were encouraged to use frequently. There were daily talks by health specialists on improving yourself, physically and mentally.

Because mum was detoxing very heavily on the juice fast, I stopped all the Young Living products except Frankincense oil. I gave the Frankincense 6 drops orally, twice a day as I felt I did need to offer the body something to help control the spread of cancer. This was just totally my own assumption.

Mum lost a lot of weight in the first two weeks (lost about 8 kgs in two weeks). After that, she just stopped losing any more weight despite the fact that she continued to fast and only eat raw food.

Mum was very weak, giddy and slept between treatments. At times she was so weak, she could hardly stand up. She went through a deep detoxification feeling extremely lethargic, diarrhea, some vomiting, and flu-like symptoms. She could not even walk 200 meters.

Mum felt she was going to die. But I always believed that she had the strength to get through it and that this is the only way I knew to save her life. Because although detoxification is very physically demanding on the mind and body, it is nature's way of healing. As apart from surgery or chemotherapy which attack the body in unnatural ways.

In the third week, she started to get more energy and to feel better and more optimistic. She was still in a heavy detoxification but she began to feel better and more hopeful. She could walk up to a 1 km and slept less.

In the last two weeks, Mum was amazing. She still had periods of extreme weakness or tiredness but when she felt well enough, she would be using the gym equipment, especially the rebounder.

After the four weeks, mum was still in a detoxification but felt strong and could walk 2 kilometres. However our lack of finances required that we finish the program and head home. The return to normal food and cessation of the health treatments set her back again for a couple of weeks while her body came out of detoxification mode and settled into normal routine.

After she adjusted to normal food and got her strength back again, we booked the surgery to have the tumour removed. Mum was told she would definitely have a colostomy following surgery as a person her age would have lost a lot of bowel tone.

Doctors stated that if she was lucky, the colostomy may be temporary and not permanent. Mum abhorred the idea of a colostomy and said she would 'rather die that have poo come out on to abdomen'. I have never heard her talk like that before.

Mum went through the surgery without any problems at all. Following the operation, she did NOT have a colostomy! The doctors said her bowel had surprisingly good tone. Mum was ecstatic. We think it was a result of all those colonics that saved her from that colostomy.

The doctors said the tumour had been removed but that unfortunately the cancer had spread. They basically said it may have been prevented from spreading if we had taken her to have the operation a month earlier as previously advised.

The rest of our family was a bit disappointed to learn that the cancer had spread but we also knew this was not the end. We knew the Young Living Essential Oils could help. I had seen results of other people using them. We refused all further medical intervention for cancer treatments. Mum recovered from the operation without incident and was discharged.

At home mum returned to the essential oil program for bowel cancer that is listed in the essential oil reference book. We adjusted the oils relative to how she felt, added new ones at times, treated symptoms with oils and used other things that we thought may help. Over the next few months, mum got better and better. Gradually we stopped the oils one by one as we felt she was doing so well.

In February 2012, mum had some heart trouble and was admitted to Mater Private hospital, Brisbane to find out what was happening. During that time, she was given a CT scan and they were surprised that they could not find any sign of her cancer. Her family was not surprised. We expected an improvement from these oils and treatments. Mum is currently at home. Her heart has settled down thanks once again to Young Living.

After 10 days in the hospital using 4 different cardiac medications to settle her unstable blood pressure, Mum was discharged - still in an unstable state. The doctors had suggested angiography which we felt held too many risks for mum. Her blood pressure over the next three weeks (taken at home) ranged from 190/90 - 125/60.

As she did not seem to be getting better on the heart tablets, and she was still feeling generally unwell, we finally took her slowly off her medications. Her blood pressure simply was not stabilizing. She also had postural hypertension so every time she stood up, we had to support her or she would fall.

We have now stabilised her blood pressure with Young Living oils and discovered that her thyroid was the main problem. We have now commenced her on Thyromin - a product from Young Living that supports the thyroid, as well as some oils for blood pressure. As her thyroid stabilises, so is her blood pressure. She is now feeling better and we are sure we are on the right track. This story is still in progress.

I was so fortunate to be blessed with such a wonderful loving mother. I could not have ordered a better one. Not only does she love me, she trusts me with her life. She knows everything we learn by practicing on her, will help someone else too. I absolutely adore her. She is the epitome of love.

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