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Long Menstrual Bleeding & Cervical Pre Cancer

Author: Ysha O.
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Date: 05-15-2005
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About 5-6 years ago I was in my early menopause I had the heavy bleeding. Then after spending on several herbal tinctures I talked with a midwife who explained, they work after childbirth, but not for this. After successfully stopping it once with ample Mister oil blend on my wrists, abdomen and belly, it didn't work the next time and I finally saw a doc. This is really rare for me.

On exam he said, you have something growing there, you will need a biopsy to determine if it is malignant. I didn't go there, but said I'll be treating it naturally. He said, give it 4 - 6 weeks and come back, it can grow really fast sometimes. Six weeks later my pap test was clean!

I knew I needed to make a decision and go for it, cancer requires immediate attention. My budget was a recent CD of about $300 total savings. No health insurance, and owning my own small business, no job benefits or security. I called my up line to get some ideas or others' experiences.

I ordered Helichrysum (stops bleeding the best), Frankincense (antitumor), the ImmuPower oil blend (said to help dissolve unnatural growths) and Myrrh (on instinct and because it is specific for female organs). I used two capsules twice a day, in the vagina once at bedtime and once during my morning meditation program. I did it prone with hips slightly elevated.

In a few days I discovered some yucky grey matter and thought the capsules were creating the mess, until I felt my cervix. I could feel the back half of my cervix, where the growth had been. I could also feel two not well integrated layers of tissue on the cervix, one very flaccid and one overly hard. I continued with the treatment.

In 2.5 weeks I was concerned, can't work, no more savings, what is my next step and called the medical intuitive. He said, yes it was malignant, finish those bottles and that will be enough and now we have to do the emotional work and deal with diet.

I was living at 8500 feet in snowy springtime mind you, and he put me on almost all raw diet. HUGE plates of salad, including chard and kale and red onion . A little tofu, occasional baked potato. Some dressing was allowed, I often used tahini, homemade with garlic and olive oil. I craved the oiliness. He scanned me for nutritional supplements and herbs and we would update this each week. Included Vit C, sometimes also needed bioflavonoids.

Regarding emotions, he found heavy negativity coming my way from my ex-husband and I was taking it all there, trying to be so receptive I way overdid! He scanned my little oils collection and targeted for me for the Sacred Mountain, Abundance oil blends, and the Valor and Joy oil blends. Every time I used them, I felt wonderful! I don't have to participate in all this negative energy, I can be functioning from a gentler, cleaner space. It was such a gift.

In about 6 months time he was thankfully weaning me back on increasing percentages of cooked foods (veggies, soups, and a little dairy). Took about a year of followup, even though the pap was clean way before. My case was an earlier stage, not as big a deal as some have to deal with.

What I realized using those capsules about those oils ... I felt the Frankincense protect my aura/energy field so I could more cleanly perceive my own lessons. The Helichrysum helped reset the akashic ether/space element which also has to do with how we perceive spatially, as well as being root source of sense of hearing, which is why it is the key oil for that as well as tissue regeneration.

The Myrrh is so kind, soothing as well to raw tissues. I'm sure its use was key for me and partly why the other oils were so comfortable to use on the internal tissues.

I hope this serves others. Each of us are different of course but some of the organizing principles are the same.

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7.Associated topics: helichrysum-oil — "...its flowers and leaves are the most used parts in the treatment of health disorders such as allergies, colds, cough, skin, liver and gallbladder disorders, inflammation, infections and sleeplessness... In vitro studies characterized Helichrysum as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. Its flavonoids and terpenes were effective against bacteria (e.g. Staphylococcus aureus), its acetophenones, phloroglucinols and terpenoids displayed antifungal action against Candida albicans and its flavonoids and phloroglucinols inhibited HSV and HIV, respectively.... Regarding Helichrysum italicum in vivo activity, the highlight goes to ...the anti-inflammatory properties exhibited by its flavonoids, acetophenones and phloroglucinols, as seen in animal models."Link

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