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Raindrop Technique Helps Myofascial Discomfort

Author: Nancy K.
Date: 03-01-2012
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About a month before Young Living came into my life I started experiencing intense pain in my upper back, down the back of my armpit and down to my elbow. I have a very physical job, so my primary physician thought it was a muscle strain.

She took me off work so I could rehab with rest, ice and stem treatments. I was also taking ibuprofen and muscle relaxants. The ibuprofen didn't help much at all. The ice was good to numb the pain but the effect never lasted long. The muscle relaxants worked pretty well, but they make me completely useless. So I would only take them when the pain was too intense.

I began getting regular massages, which helped a little bit more than anything else at the time. Each massage would give me maybe 24 hours of relief. Unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover massage, so I knew I couldn't keep that up forever.

When I discovered Young Living Essential Oils my husband started rubbing my back down with the PanAway oil blend and I noticed fairly dramatic pain reduction within 30 minutes of application. Yet I still needed several rub downs daily. When I found someone who did Raindrop Technique, I decided to give it a try.

I was pain free for 3 days!

When the pain started creeping back a little I started applying ice again. Within a day my pain was getting back to where it was before the Raindrop. A few days later I was finally able to get into see a specialist. He said I was experiencing myofascial pain due to trigger points. I agreed to let him give me 6 cortisone shots because I needed to get back to work. I had been off work for at least a month.

I wish I hadn't let him give me the shots. I could barely move for two days. Although I did get some relief from the shots, I don't think it was worth the dangers and the pain. And I would estimate that it didn't take away more than half of the pain.

The myofascia is a layer of fibrous tissue that surrounds all muscle tissue. Trigger points (knots and areas of hardness) can form in the myofascia, which causes pain in the muscle. The term "trigger point" is used because it can "shoot" pain into other areas of the body, which is known as referred pain. That's why I got pain down my arm.

As it turns out, ice does not help with myofascial pain. It can numb the pain but it has no therapeutic value for treating trigger points. In fact it can actually cause more pain in the long run. If I had not applied ice after that first Raindrop, my relief may have lasted longer.

So I started applying heat, sometimes for hours at a time. When we ran out of PanAway we started using the Aroma Siez oil blend twice a day, which also worked very well. After working partial shifts for a couple of weeks I decided it was time to get another Raindrop because all I was doing was controlling the pain - I wasn't experiencing improvement.

After the second Raindrop I was pain free for 7 days!

So I decided to buy a Raindrop kit to save money. My husband does the therapy on me. He's no massage therapist to be sure, but it's all about the oils and application. So it still works. I just love that about Raindrop - you don't need any special education for the basic treatment.

I'm glad to report that I'm back to work full-time now! I'm in the process of trying to figure out what's causing the trigger points: hormones, toxins, or nutritional deficiencies. Because I have a physical job, I still have days with pain. But it's completely manageable with the oils.

I'm highly encouraged though because I actually do have days with no pain at all! And I haven't taken a pain pill or muscle relaxant in over a month! In fact, I have resolved to never take a liver-damaging pain pill again.

The only reason I can do that is because of Young Living Essential Oils. Every time I use the oils I thank the Lord for bringing His natural substances into my life!

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