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Paralyzed Dog Walks Again After Raindrop Technique

Author: Lori Y.
Date: 02-27-2012
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My rescue dog Buddy had an acute onset of pain, fever and in short order paralysis. The vet found nothing on xrays, blood work. His MRI showed his spine lit up like a Christmas tree with inflammation- we still didn't know why.

My friend Debbie scanned him with a Zyto-like system and it showed parasites and virus off the charts. It was tough to convince the vet of this. He was in a vet hospital for several days on Fentinyl patches (no help), IV steroids (no help, no change) and the neurology vet was stumped.

They took spinal fluid and sent it out to screen for rare disease and parasites. It came back that he had a protozoan parasite neospora caninum that crossed the blood brain barrier and attacked his spinal cord. Prognosis was 50/50, gave us antibiotics suggested to be used 6 months and pain meds.

The vet told us we'd have to teach him to sit up and maybe in a few months, walk again. This all happened while I was at the Orlando Young Living convention. Thank God I saw Candace Hoke, an oils animal expert, who suggested we give Buddy a Raindrop EVERY SINGLE DAY until improved. My husband brought the dog home, shaved a stripe up his spine and gave him a Raindrop. Less than 24 hours later, that dog snuck out through the dog door!

We gave him (and continued to give him) NingXia Red juice, Multigreens, Mineral Essence, Sulphurzyme. We also added Ocotea and Copaiba on tummy, Copaiba on spine for inflammation, Dorado Azul and PanAway for pain. After 6 days this dog was trotting on a leash!

I continued daily RDT's for about a month then noticed the dog was less interested in them and went to every few days and then every week and so on. I followed his lead. Now he seems fine with about 1 RDT a month. He gets NingXia Red, Sulphurzyme, AgilEase, Multigreens and a dropper of Mineral Essence daily - it really keeps the stiff and sore joints at bay.

He's not 100%, some shoulder weakness, but boy was this a great outcome! Don't give up - I learned that sticking with the natural route really does pay off!

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