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I Avoided A Root Canal And Became A Believer

Author: Frances F.
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Date: 02-13-2012
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Often people ask me, "How did you get started using Young Living essential oils?" Well, I had a neck injury in early 1987 and was told that I needed surgery. I was given anti-inflammatory drugs which totally upset my digestive system and caused vertigo.

A friend literally carried me to her chiropractor, and my neck responded quite positively to the chiropractic adjustments and massage from his therapist. As a result, I became interested in massage, and after over 20 years of teaching high school math, I decided to go to massage school.

I took general aromatherapy courses and then several weekend seminars. Even so, I was not really a "believer".

Later, I began working on staff at a Five-Star spa where they used very expensive essential oils that were supposed to be "therapeutic-grade". I never saw any positive effects from the oils, and I even stopped suggesting aromatherapy massage to the guests because many of the oils gave me headaches!

A few years later, a friend dragged me to a small gathering where the Young Living essential oils were demonstrated and shared. (I made every excuse I could come up with, but my friend would not take "no" for an answer - I was definitely not an enthusiastic guest!)

A Young Living distributor just sat and talked about some of her personal experiences with particular single oils and blends, and she passed them around for us to try the ones we chose to try, showing us how to drop the essential oils into the palm of our non-dominant hand. She also taught us that the soles of the feet are the safest and one of the most effective places to apply essential oils.

I had to try some because I really did not believe that ONE DROP of oil applied to the BOTTOM OF THE FEET could make a difference!) WOW, with the very first oil, I could feel something - and the oil did not smell at all like I expected it to smell.

What happened NEXT was the key. While we were passing around the next oil, a woman who already was using the Young Living oils said, "I avoided a root canal by using Thieves on my gum and tooth." I thought to myself, "She probably didn't really need a root canal!" However, I had just had extensive dental work done, and after the last crown was in place, I had a lot of pain and gum inflammation.

The dentist (who was a prosthodontist) had given me antibiotics for the gum infection, and I reluctantly took them. However, the pain did not go away. After over a month, he told me he thought I needed a root canal, and I went to the endodontist. Sure enough, he confirmed that I "needed" a root canal!

Therefore, when the woman at the Young Living gathering said she had avoided a root canal, my ears perked up! I did not want any more Novocaine; I did not want any more x-rays; I did not want a hole drilled in my brand new porcelain crown; and I certainly did not want to spend another $1500! I immediately ordered a bottle of the Thieves oil blend.

I began using Thieves neat (undiluted) on my gum 4-5 times a day. It contains the "hot" oils of Cinnamon and Clove (along with Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary), so it does sting, but it also numbs the pain. One drop was sufficient for the whole lower quadrant of my mouth! After a week or so, the pain was gone, so I only used Thieves morning and night.

One month later, I went to the prosthodontist for a check-up. He was amazed to find that there was no trace of inflammation, pain, or any problem which would require a root canal! He asked, "What did you do?" So I pulled out my little bottle of Thieves and showed him. He began recommending it to all his patients - along with the newer line of Detarome toothpaste and Fresh Essence mouthwash.

I was excited! I could hardly wait to learn more about these oils, so I ordered the essential oils reference book and read it from cover to cover before deciding that it would be my new "coffee table book" - so it would always be handy. I was impatient to learn more, and I began travelling around the US and Canada to learn as much as I could learn about these powerful gifts from nature so I could share with everyone I knew.

Every client I used the oils on seemed to have wonderful shifts. Friends and family members began having amazing experiences. It "makes my heart sing" to share these precious oils because they truly have the potential to make a difference in each person's life.

Update February 2012:

After years of painful treatments for gingivitis and treatments every 3 months, my dentist tells me every year that my gums are healthy and my dental hygiene is excellent, so I do not need to return for a YEAR!!!

I am so grateful for Thieves blend, Thieves Detarome Ultra and Detarome Plus toothpaste, and Fresh Essence Mouthwash!

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