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Uncomfortable Head Pressure During Air Travel

Author: Kirstie Y.
Skill: Nurse
Date: 01-08-2012
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I had occasion to fly from Launceston to Brisbane on a whirlwind visit for a friend's funeral a week ago. I had one of my children (10 year old Darcy) with me, who developed a bit of a cold during our 36 hours away.

On the return flight, with a stopover in Melbourne, he experienced excrutiating head pain because of blocked sinuses and ears that wouldn't pop. I had him smelling Peppermint oil from the bottle (I was relucatant to put it on neat, as it is so strong) and I put the blend Release on him. I also bought chewing gum at Melbourne airport, but nothing helped.

As it turned out I was already scheduled to return to Brisbane with 3 children yesterday. By now 8 year old Ned wasn't feeling the best. Whilst I had managed to stop the boys becoming really unwell, I was a bit concerned about how they would go on the plane.

In the meantime, I read a testimonial from Ursula Mackay on this website and saw that she successfully used Peppermint for sinus pain on airplanes. So I made up a mix of 50:50 V-6 carrier oil and Peppermint oil-enough for the 3 boys-or so I thought. As the plane was taxi-ing off, Darcy helped himself to the preparation. Obviously he wasn't taking any chances, because when I got it back it was almost empty! I put the last bit on Ned and he was OK. (So was Darcy.)

The descent into Brisbane was a different story. Ned suddenly got a pain in his head that brought tears to his eyes, even though his ears had popped. I had the bottle of undiluted Peppermint in my handbag, so I simply tipped about 3 drops onto the hurting area, (which was all inside the hairline), and within 60 seconds, the pain was completely gone and went back to commenting on the matchbox sized-cars that he could see out of the window as the plane flew lower and lower.

I was so thankful. Just wished I'd been a bit braver with the Peppermint for Darcy a week earlier.

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