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My Comprehensive Regimen For Fibromyalgia

Author: Tiffany R.
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Date: 03-18-2005
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My upline asked me to type up how I became free from the discomfort of fibromyalgia. The reason I know I still have it is because, if I overdo anything on the list below, I begin to get the "electrical feeling" running through my spine again. I would like to begin saying that I believe fibromyalgia is a spiritual as well as a physical pain. Therefore, my testimony includes assisting both the spirit and body.

EVERYONE I have talked to who also has fibromyalgia has also experienced some form of abuse. I sometimes wonder if fibromyalgia is a subconscious way of asking to be seen and cared for.

Often those who have been abused just want to be noticed, loved, and respected for who they are and not for what someone else wants them to be. They usually deal with "takers" instead of "givers". Fibromyalgia can be a way of finally being on the receiving end. Or it can leave you all alone still craving love and respect.

Okay, I don't know where to start. I didn't purposely set out to work on my fibromyalgia. It was just a wonderful side effect from using therapeutic-grade essential oil products. I have several other wonderful side effects from areas that I do work on.

I don't know how many months I was actually free of discomfort because it happened over about a five-month period. It was at this same time in my life that I let anger go and replaced it with forgiveness. How many of us carry around any negative emotion and literally keep our shoulders raised with tension?

I do believe that five things did happen in order for this to happen for me. I don't remember overlapping any of these because it happened over two years ago. I don't really remember their order, but they are as follows:

1. I had just become a distributor and began taking Super Cal nightly. I know calcium is a muscle relaxant and a sleep inducer, so I took and still take 3 capsules a night. Calcium also nourishes the nerves. Super Cal contains the essential oil of Marjoram, which supports the muscles and nerves.

2. Shortly after I joined the company in March 2001, I received with my order a training tape where Dr. Lawrence described the benefits he has seen with MSM benefiting pain, and he talked about it being an ingredient in Sulfurzyme. It helps equalize the pressure inside the cells and supports liver function. I bought a bottle and finished it in one month.

I didn't notice any less pain while taking it, although I feel that depositing it into my body helped my cells to receive oils and nutrition. I also felt more flexibility. It was expensive, so I didn't continue it because I wanted to experience other products made by the company. (A side effect is that my natural brown hair was pushing out grey hair.

I wasn't pulling out strands of hair anymore after I showered or while brushing my hair. Here it is two and a half years later, and I have a full head of luxurious hair as a result of using Lavender shampoo which contains MSM. I wish I could afford the Sulfurzyme to keep the greys away.

3. After receiving some terrible family news in April, I needed to let go of some anger. I had heard Dr. Phil McGraw (the other man in my life) speak of forgiveness as a gift you give yourself. It doesn't mean that you're saying that what the other person did is okay. It means that you aren't going to carry around that weight anymore.

He had also said that even though the other person may not be currently abusing you anymore, you are abusing yourself by picking up where they left off. You continue the messages they started. I needed to give up the anger I was holding onto so I could deal with the current situation with my family. I didn't have anywhere else on my body in which I could hold anymore anger. So I let the anger and emotional pain go.

The old messages kept trying to replay in my mind like a tape recorder, but I would catch myself, and replace them with loving messages. It took a while (maybe a couple of months) of repeating new messages, but now it is so easy to recognize the negative and replace it with the positive. I was able to get the weight of burden off that I was carrying on my shoulders and back.

4. I won $100 gift certificate at an area meeting for bringing 4 people to it. I used it to buy the Raindrop Technique kit. It was enough for about five people, and my husband performed it on me. If any of you have never done this before, it is heaven on earth.

This helped to remove the viruses I was harboring along the spine, which caused discomfort between the vertebrae, by pushing them out of place. I still didn't realize the effects of this until I quit drinking Dr. Pepper.

5. In July I finally decided to give up what I knew was bad for me. I knew my Dr. Pepper was hard on my back, liver, and hypoglycemia. I knew I was overweight because of it. I didn't want to go to the diet drinks because they would cause more problems so I just quit ALL sodas. It literally took three months for me to feel the benefit of feeling energy come back.

I quit eating chocolate everyday (refined snacks and caffeinated drinks can cause inflammation and pain) and lost 10 pounds. I only indulge in sweets once a week now. Drinking water directly from the spring in Hot Springs was my only beverage left. It still has intact the calcium, magnesium, potassium, boron, zinc, and phosphorus that water processing strips out.

So, bottom line, I built up my calcium and magnesium storage and lowered my intake on foods that robbed my body of uptaking calcium and magnesium. Then my liver was less taxed because I let go of the anger I stored in it, and I let go of the sugars that slowed it down. I no longer have chronic fatigue syndrome which is associated with fibromyalgia.

In hindsight I think, "Yeah, my fatigue is chronic because I chronically keep taxing the liver." I did this to me! Dr. Phil says, "You don't handle emotional problems with money or food. You handle them with emotions." I catch myself verbalizing, "Am I helping or hurting myself?" I don't eat to numb my emotions anymore. I language positively and with an affirmation that I am smart, talented, and beautiful just because I exist.

God created me, and that's it. I don't have to jump through anyone's hoops to make them like me, and I'm sure not going to take anyone's crap. I quit waiting on others to take care of me, and I began loving myself. So my journey was related to self-discipline, forgiveness, Super Cal, Sulfurzyme, and Raindrop Technique.

I use essential oils EVERY DAY. Healing Oils of the Bible, by Dr. David Stewart, pages 28-29, says some essential oils are made up of:

"Phenylpropanoids which are antiseptic and cleanse receptor sites. Sesquiterpenes which are oxygenating, mood elevating, and deprogram miswritten codes in the DNA. Monoterpenes are hostile to microbes and reprogram cells with correct information. Phenols cleanse cellular receptor sites and promote hormonal balance and healthy bodily function. Thus, the Oils of the Bible serve us on all levels: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical."

That's why I use essential oils everyday. My fibromyalgia has been erased and reprogrammed with its original correct information. I love my health. I love playing with my babies. I don't want to live a life from bed ever again. I am me again!

By the way, here's part of what the second-edition essential oils reference book says about fibromyalgia. "Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disorder of soft tissues. Symptoms include general body pain, in some parts worse than others, usually brought on by short periods of exercise. The pain is ubiquitous and continuous. It interrupts sleep patterns so that the fourth stage of sleep is never attained, and thus the body cannot rejuvenate.

Fibromyalgia is an acid condition in which the liver is toxic. Fibromyalgia may be linked to a deficiency of minerals and trace minerals, including organic sulfur, which naturally occurs in MSM..."

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