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Stye On My Eyelid

Author: Kristina Hill
Location: HI, United States
Posted: 10-14-2011
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Word Length: 189
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I woke up with my right eye lid hurting. I went to the mirror and saw a nice red stye. I hadn't had one in over 15 years but I remembered that they could be painful.

I called up a good friend who introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO). I heard her say that her husband used YLEO to get rid of a stye. She said use a warm compress on it. After you are done doing that use a drop of frankincense. She said just don't use them together. So I did.

I put a warm compress on my eye lid. I then took a warm shower. After I got out I put a drop of frankincense on my index finger and then rubbed over the sty area with my eye closed. I wanted to make sure I didn't get any oil in my eye. I repeated the warm compress and frankincense a few times through out the day.

The next morning I woke up and it was almost completely gone. I did the protocol 2 more times and by the afternoon it was all gone.

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