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Oils And Face Yoga Exercises Help With Wrinkles

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Date: 06-24-2011
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Some people have been asking for the "face yoga" exercises that I do with my custom oil blend for my face, so I am putting them on this website.

First, the oil blend:
In an empty 15 ml bottle, I put 10 drops of Frankincense, and 5 drops each of: Myrrh, Sandalwood; Cedarwood; Geranium; and Lavender. Then I fill the bottle with a carrier oil (about 7 droppers full), so that the essential oils are diluted by about 7:1 or so.

I apply this blend right after I have washed my face, when it is still a bit moist. Be sure to include the neck, too! All the way around. Just a few drops is all it takes.

If you do a search on YouTube for Face Yoga, you will get more complete instructions, but here is a sample of what I do, morning and evening after I have washed my face and applied the Essential Oil Blend.

The idea of these exercises is to have the muscles work against each other, to strengthen them, so I am often holding some muscles in place, while I push other muscles against them or away from them.

First is the Lion (as in Yoga), where you scrunch everything together toward the center of your face (no hands, in this one). So you are frowning, pursing your lips, pulling your chin up and squinting your eyes all at once. Hold that for a few seconds, then do the opposite movement, where you open your eyes wide, open your mouth, stick out your tongue, raise your forehead, etc. Very funny looking, but it really helps to wake up the muscles.

For the next one, I place the tips of my fingers on the centers of my eyebrows and try to frown (lower the forehead), but my fingers are pushing upward at the same time and stop most of that movement. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat 3 times. (I repeat most of these exercises three times.)

Leaving your fingers on the same place at the center of your eyebrows, try to draw your forehead together, to make the vertical lines in the middle, but again, stop that movement with your fingers. Repeat thrice.

Now place the tips of your fingers just below your eyes (on the ridges on top of your cheeks toward the outer part of your eyes), and holding those muscles in place, try to squint with your eyes, or just to raise your lower lids. Repeat thrice. This one really helps with crow's feet.

Move down your face and place the edges of your little finger and palm along side your mouth. While holding those muscles in place with your hand, try to purse your lips. Your hands are again inhibiting most of that movement. Repeat thrice.

Now put your (clean) little fingers in your mouth up to the first knuckle. Try to stretch out your lips with your fingers, while trying to purse your lip muscles. Move your fingers higher and lower on your lips to work the muscles all the way around. Repeat thrice.

The next three exercises don't require hands.

Close your lips and open your teeth as far as you can (keeping your lips closed) suck your cheeks in a bit and then try to smile. It won't look like you are smiling, but you want to activate those muscles. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat thrice. This is especially good for the nasal / labial lines between your nose and mouth.

Close your mouth and puff out your cheek with air on one side, then on the other. Keep alternating for a few times. I also let the air puff out my upper and lower lips, while resisting that pressure with my muscles.

Lastly (and most important, for me) are the neck stretches. I have MUCH better tone on my neck skin and muscles than I used to before starting with the Oil Blend and the face yoga!

Be sure you have applied the Oil Blend to your neck (front and back), then stretch your chin up in front as high as it will go (like you want to touch the ceiling with your chin), purse your lips outward, and stick out your tongue. Looks weird, I know, but is REALLY good for toning the muscles. This one I usually only do once, but hold it for several seconds. Release. Then turn your head to the left and lift your chin up and jut out your jaw. Hold for several seconds, and repeat on the right side.

You're all ready to go. Although it takes time to read through these, I probably spend only one - two minutes on them morning and evening.

Hope these help you as much as they do me! Thanks so much for your interest!

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