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Wound & Gangrene Cleared Up Without A Scar!

Author: Rachel L.
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Date: 06-14-2011
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I was horrified to find that my 4 month old kitten had a hole in his neck and something was in there that I sure didn't expect. I found out that it was a cuterebra. It's the larvae from these really big flies that we have out here in the country. I was trying to kill that thing using 3-4 drops of the Purification oil blend throughout the day and the Animal Scents ointment. They weren't working.

I pulled out the maggot with ease once I bought a small enough pair of tweezers to get into that hole. So that hole was pretty small to begin with. I didn't think I needed to do anything else once it was removed. I thought getting it out of there and using the oils I had already used was good enough.

About a week later his neck was infected. It looked like it had a lot of pus and was red. So I made up a diluted bottle of the Melrose oil blend since it said that it would stop infection. I put a drop or two on the wound about every 2 hours for about 2 days.

One the 2nd day we were having a birthday party for my son. I still was putting on the Melrose but not as consistent as I was the day before. That night about 10 PM I go to put on another application when I saw something that makes my stomach drop.

I forgot to mention that the hole that started out so small that I couldn't get a pair of regular tweezers in there. It grew to about the size of a quarter.

So it looked like the hole split on the side where there was healthy skin and I could see the meat underneath. To say I was upset after seeing this was an understatement.

My aunt who is a nurse was there and I asked her to take a look at it. She said that it was a pretty big wound but it wasn't infected. She said that she would take him to the vet. She also said that what I thought was pus was actually rotting flesh.

Of course it's a Saturday night but I was going to take him to the emergency vet. My DH said no way take him in Monday morning the kitten would be fine. Now I have full blown anxiety. I was very upset about this.

I would like to mention that during this time he acted like a perfectly healthy kitten. He's eating, drinking, playing and climbing trees. But you had to see his neck! It looked so awful.

The next day I talked to a girlfriend and told her what was going on and she told me a story of her cat years ago that developed an abscess on it's neck the size of a lemon.

She took it to the vet and he lanced and drained it and said it does take a long time to close. She said the hole on his neck was the size of a half dollar. I talked to another friend who said almost the same thing about her cat and the vet said to leave it alone.

OK... I feel better now and made a blend of Helichrysum and Lavender with V-6. I applied it twice a day. The green rotting flesh began moving out of the hole. I never saw it move but each time I went and applied the blend I saw that it had moved over more.

So this rotten flesh slowly "crawled" out of the hole over the next few days. I couldn't pull it off. What was still in the hole was very much attached. What moved out of the hole crusted up like a scab and just flaked off.

It took about 4-5 days for the green rotting flesh to "crawl" out of the hole. So bizarre. Once all that rotten flesh was out of there, the speed that the hole closed up was truly amazing.

I think it would have closed up after a week but then he scratched it and made it bleed. So I think it took a few extra days but after that but the last little scab fell off and it was completely better!

The hair also grew back. Without any scarring. You could never tell anything had ever happened to his neck. I think I literally used 6 drops of oil which saved us several hundred dollars at the emergency vet. How great is that?

I thank God for Young Living everyday! What a blessing.

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