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Bump On My Eyelid From A Blocked Oil Gland

Author: Olivia Biera
Skill: Energy Worker
Location: CA, United States
Posted: 05-27-2011
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I had a re-occurring bump forming on my eyelid. I was told it was caused by a blocked oil gland. I had it lanced several times on different areas of the lid. It kept returning and I used all the listed natural remedies of warm compress and massage, rubbed melrose and lavender around the eye, applied castor oil patches and even black tea bags. It kept returning.

A friend in Ecuador mentioned to me one day that, in that country, it is treated as a virus with menthol medication. I became very brave in that moment with peppermint oil. I held my eye lid open, applied peppermint to the abscess with a q-tip for about 5 seconds. Then I doused my eye in cold pressed organic coconut oil to eliminate the burning instantly. I did this 2x a day for three days and the bumps were eliminated. Be very careful with this if you decide to try it yourself.

There was however noticeable scar tissue left on my lower lid from the lancing I had previously had done by a doctor. I used helichrysum with coconut oil, rubbing and massaging it down for about 2-3 days until it dispersed.

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