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Thieves Household Cleaner And Foam Soap

Author: Veronica F.
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Date: 03-27-2011
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One of my downline e-mailed me and asked me if how I use Thieves in the laundry to which I replied below:

As for using the Thieves Household Cleaner in the laundry--I use it in each load--I really don't measure but don't use a lot--I just add a small amount. ( I really don't measure anything.) I add white vinegar which I have my husband pick up at Costco in the 1.32 gal (5 liter) size for about $2.00. Sometimes I throw in about 3/4 or so of a cup of baking soda--which I also buy at Costco in the 13.5 pounds. That and my toilet paper and OxiClean (15 pound box) is about all I buy there as I buy everything else at Whole Foods. Most of what I buy is fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds--all organic so I don't need to look for anything else at Costco but am glad to get the vinegar, baking soda and Charmin there.

In my whites, I also use the Thieves Household Cleaner, I use Biokleen laundry product that I get at Whole Foods and I add either the Biokleen Non Chlorine Bleach or the OxiClean. I don't add the vinegar or the baking soda as I am not sure if I can do that when using the Non Chlorine Bleach or the OxiClean. Here lately I have been using some of the foam soap in my laundry instead of the Biokleen laundry product and find it works just great.

Oh yes, I always buy my Thieves household Cleaner in the 64 oz size--and the large size (32 oz.)Thieves Foam soap, thereby saving a little money there--I am so glad Young Living has come out with the economy size Household Cleaner and also the economy size of the Foam soap.

In my dishwasher I never use dish detergent--I simply add the white vinegar and about a cap of the Thieves Household Cleaner. I also have used just the vinegar when I had been out of the Thieves Household Cleaner--which I don't let happen very often. It worked fine. A person could also add some baking soda, but I don't usually do that. Saves a lot of money by not using a Dishwasher detergent and gets the dishes quite clean. Thieves kills germs and so does vinegar.

I also use Thieves Household cleaner for cleaning everything else--even the dishes I wash by hand besides using it in the dishwasher. I simply put a small amount in a bottle the same size as the Thieves Household l4 oz bottle and put a spray top on it (I keep one in each bathroom-one in the kitchen-one in the garage--one in the basement and one in the laundry room) and the one in the Kitchen I use to spray off each dish and rinse it in hot water and I know the germs are gone and I simply let them drain until dry or sometimes I do dry and put away right away. If you want a little suds with the spray you can add the foam soap but I don't as I feel the dishes are clean without it.

I also know of people who have cleaned their rug with it but I have not done that except for spot cleaning as I do have someone come in to clean the rug even though I bought a rug cleaner so I could use the Thieves to clean my rug--just have not done it yet.


Veronica F.
Young Living #309940
Colossians 3:23

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