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When I Have A Cold Or Flu Symptoms

Author: Sandy R.
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Date: 03-07-2011
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I typically find that using a few drops of the ImmuPower oil blend on my chest alone, or Oregano on my feet, or spritzing 1-2 squirts of the Thieves oil blend spray in my throat usually stops any scratchy throat or the beginning of a cold in its tracks with me.

Awhile back I ended up getting a bit of a cold. Not bad, but I did not want it to get worse either! The colds and flus going around have been nasty! Many people have been out of commission for a week or two from this one.

So, when all that together didn't get that darn cold to go away, I started adding in all kinds of oils to try and nip it in the bud.

I increased my Super C (vitamin C) to 6-8 tablets a day. I used Thieves spray in my throat a few times a day when I thought of it. I used 3-4 drops of Oregano on the inside of my feet. I added a few drops of ImmuPower to my chest which I really love!

I started adding in a few drops of Thieves essential oil into hot water. Yummy! Loved the taste. I did this about twice the first evening. Then I applied 3-4 drops each of the RC and Raven oil blends to the inside of my feet and rubbed that in using the vita flex technique.

I applied RC and Raven to the reflex areas of my feet for sinus, head and along the spine of my foot. I could feel my sinuses opening a little bit. I then took really deep inhalations from the essential oil residue left on my hands. This felt really good. Things were looking more hopeful.

After about 15 minutes though, I started getting clogging again. Taking deep inhales from my hands helped, and then I drank more tea with Thieves in it. Both these things helped. But I re-applied more oils to my feet and chest for good measure. I was trying to abate the cold and substantially strengthen my system rather than just barely help the symptoms subside.

I did this routine about every 20 minutes. Yes, that often!!! After an hour with 3 applications, between my Thieves Tea and adding some heat to my back, my sinuses began to clear up.

I figured that I was clearing some toxins too and was drinking a ton of fluids. I decided to add some extra support for my kidneys and bladder so I added a dropper of Young Living K & B Tincture also to the tea.

I did this routine into the night before I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was stuffed, congested and feeling low. I continued the routine into the day, every hour, doing these applications.

As I felt better, I eased up the routine a little bit more going from 3 times an hour with applications, to twice an hour, then once an hour, then every other hour and so on.

Within 2 days, I was only needing 3 applications a day. By day 3, twice a day.

I kept the night time and morning applications up for 10 days since I could still feel my energy was low and wanted to make sure that I used the oils to make sure that any of the virus or bacteria did not go into hibernation in my system.

I have found that people often stop using the oils as soon as they feel better and then often get a re-occurrence after a week or two. So I kept up the routine. A month later, I am continuing a modified morning application with Oregano and Thyme on my feet just to make sure that I keep boosting my immune system.

If I am in contact with someone who is sick with a cold, I make sure I use extra oil applications, and inhale some oils very deeply to catch any airborne bacteria before they have a chance to nest inside me.

Vita Flex is a technique using the tips of the fingers in a rolling manner starting at the bottom inside of the foot and moving up towards the toes.

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