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An Allergy-Based Illness Called Cedar Fever

Author: Debbie L.
Date: 03-04-2011
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I had a bad case of cedar fever in December 2010. Ironic as it sounds, cedar fever does not actually produce a fever. In fact, cedar fever is a seasonal allergy. Taking meds and sleeping a lot more than usual, my entire sleep schedule got totally messed up and I ended up having chronic insomnia.

This created a whole cycle of not enough sleep at one time, being tired all the time and being unproductive. I was so frustrated, but I thought surely it would all work itself out over time.

Well, it became worse and so much so that I went to my doctor about it. His solution was to prescribe me sleeping pills to try to regulate my sleep. He cautioned me that the pills could make me forget things like I might type and send an email and have no recollection of having done it. The lack of sleep was already causing that kind of brain fog, so the meds didn't seem to be the kind of solution I wanted.

I never took the first one of those pills. But then I did just get so tired I finally slept 11.5 hours one night and about 10 another. But I was still no better, chronic fatigue and the insomnia pattern resumed. I felt like I couldn't go on like that.
I had been out of touch with my good friend for a few weeks due to my illness. So when we resumed our email communications, she asked how I was and I told her I just couldn't seem to get my energy back and how it was affecting the quality of my life.
She had never once ever mentioned to me that she used any holistic products for herself or her pets. But I guess my desperation to get some energy back prompted her to finally tell me her story. She said she hadn't mentioned it because she didn't know how I'd feel about holistic products since some people don't put any confidence in them.

She began by sharing the story in her testimonial. From there, she introduced me to the Young Living consultant who helped her and her cats. My friend shared a lot of information with me and she went the extra mile and contacted the consultant herself on my behalf and told her she really wanted to help me.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. The consultant is now my mentor and I have total confidence in her. She is not someone just trying to sell products. She has a full career working with purebred horses, along with her husband. She only got into this because the products helped her own life. Now she uses the products to treat people and animals, purebred horses in particular. She's one of only 50 certified practitioners in the company, qualified to instruct others for accreditation, which is my goal now.
The products that were recommended for me could take varying amounts of time to work on different people and that it might take weeks. The good thing is it's all natural, non-addictive and once you begin to feel improvements - you can modify or eliminate treatments accordingly. You don't necessarily continue all treatments indefinitely.
My friend sent them to me and I began taking them immediately. By just day 3, I began to have much more energy and none of that lethargic "can't make it through the day" feeling I dragged around with day after day.

After 5 days on my treatments, I began getting to bed at a normal hour, getting a full night's sleep and waking up feeling rested. Feeling rested definitely improved my mental and emotional state. I felt like I was drowning and my friends gave me a lifeline!
If it had been anyone else other than my friend, I might not have taken it as seriously. But she is one of the sweetest, most sincere and considerate people I know. I knew I could trust everything she was telling me and that she would never use the products, much less recommend them, if she wasn't truly having results. But the miracles were in her cats!
My friend's testimonial, the YL consultant mentoring, using the products, I can't say enough about how glad I am to have been steered to these products!

So I feel good about taking the products for myself and recommending them to others. I highly recommend NingXia Red juice and Lavender oil. They have so many different benefits, from what I've learned from testimonials on this website. In just a few days they made a huge difference for me!

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