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Positive NingXia Red Effects During Chemotherapy

Author: Ken R.
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Date: 02-20-2011
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My mom has suffered the effects of having cancer for several years now. Long story highlights: a uterine cancer radiation implant caused such severe burning that, over the course of a year, ended up disintegrating the wall between her vagina and rectum resulting in a colostomy!

The cancer had spread to her lung, in which the surgeon removed the portion of the lobe that contained the cancer and she is now is on chemotherapy. She also has diabetes and draws her blood each day to check the value to determine how much insulin to inject. She has been receiving chemo treatments now for almost a year, one treatment every 21 days.

She noticed the morning after her chemo treatment her blood sugar levels would always spike up to the 400's, usually between 410-435. This has been the case as long as she has been on chemotherapy.

I recently became involved with Young Living products and have been learning about the essential oils. I took a trip to visit my mom with my diffuser. I had ordered her some NingXia Red juice and a couple of oils so they would arrive the day after I arrived.

I immediately started diffusing Lemon oil, alternating with Frankincense oil and the Thieves oil blend round the clock. She also started drinking NingXia Red, one ounce in AM and one ounce in the PM. It was easy to get her to try NingXia Red as she had been drinking Monavie already.

She agreed to try the NingXia Red to "experiment" and see if there was a noticeable difference between the two! She had a scheduled chemo treatment appointment four days after she started drinking the NingXia Red.

Because of her diabetes, she takes her blood levels each morning. Normally her levels are between 125-325. But always the morning after a chemo treatment they spike to over 400, usually between 400-450!

She went to her chemo treatment as usual and the following morning when she checked her blood level, it was 205! Again, normally her levels spike between 395-450, so a drop was quite significant.

But not knowing if this was a fluke or an odd occurrence, she didn't get too excited. She did notice a trend that her numbers were seeming to be lower than normally the other days of the week, but didn't put two and two together right away.

She also noted that her energy levels seemed to be much better as she would usually be pretty run down the week prior to her treatment and pretty run down a few additional days after her treatment. She has always had her blood checked the day before her chemo treatment.

It always required a blood transfusion of red packed cells before her chemo treatment, which usually gave her a tiny boost in energy following her treatment but it wouldn't last very many days! I left for Minneapolis a couple of days after her treatment.

It has now been 4 months since she has been drinking NingXia Red and diffusing oils. She has also had 4 chemo treatments since that first one where I was there and several things have become a pretty standard and normal occurrence:

* Generally now, her daily blood sugar levels average about 50 percent in the NORMAL range and 50 percent slightly higher, but rarely above 175!

* The morning after her chemo treatment, her blood sugars still spike but have never spiked above 275.

* Although she has continued her chemotherapy, her energy levels have actually been much HIGHER and much more even now that she drinks her NingXia Red!

* The day before receiving her chemo treatment and getting her blood analyzed, the last 3 treatments she has **NOT REQUIRED OR NEEDED packed red blood cells to boost her normal levels!

My mom is completely sold on the NingXia Red as am I, and has now started trying different essential oils.

Prior to my arrival of my visit, she had also been complaining of hip pain. The pain had been increasing so much that the day before I arrived she reported she could hardly walk. She had a noticeable limp when I arrived. We all quietly worried about the cancer spreading to her bones and the doctor had also ordered all sorts of scans.

I got her to apply the PanAway oil blend right away. She told me that within 2 minutes the pain was GONE! She applied PanAway again at bedtime as the pain had began to sneak back and slept through the night. (The pain had been not allowing her to sleep the entire night through.)

The next morning, she was cooking breakfast and humming. I asked her about her pain level and she responded that she hadn't even thought about it! She got up because she didn't have any pain.

For the rest of my visit, there were days when the pain would begin again, but would be taken care of with either PanAway or the Deep Relief oil blend. When I talk to her now she says every once in a while she gets a slight twinge, but she immediately uses either PanAway or Deep Relief and its quickly a past memory. She never did get those scans the doctor ordered.

My mom is 76 years old, has not a stitch of hair on her body from the chemo and won't wear a wig. She refuses to stay at home, shops and goes to my 8 year old nephew's sporting events regularly! Aside from obviously looking like she has cancer because of her baldness, you would never suspect there is anything medically going on with her!

Her mood is great and as long as she doesn't get too affected with fatigue or discomfort from the chemo therapy, the doctor has said she will continue with the chemo. My mom says she knows the NingXia Red has helped her, as have the oils. She is now "experimenting" with other oils... so stay tuned.

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