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Thieves On The Feet And In The Shoes

Author: Delphine
Location: CA, United States
Posted: 01-18-2011
Views: 2,570
Word Length: 121
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Since I always carry a thieves spray in the car, if I was barefoot in an environment that wasn't the cleanest, before putting my socks or shoes on, I will spray my foot and in between my toes with thieves (as to prevent any unwanted ... fungus)

I also spray thieves inside certain sports shoes, Tom's and other espadrilles type shoes, Uggs, Allstars, Vans and other shoes which are often worn without socks. Use your nose to discern and remember to never wear the same shoe two days in a row (giving it the opportunity to dry).

PS: I make my own thieves spray by putting vodka (grain alcohol) in a 2 fl.oz GLASS bottle, and adding about 15 drops of thieves oil.

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