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Suffered From Sinus & Gut Issues For Over 30 Years

Author: Beverly N.
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Date: 01-16-2011
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Hello to those who suffer with ear, nose, and throat infections... and other health issues perhaps unknown to them. I feel I am the queen of sinus infections. I suffered from sinus infections for more than 30 years and was sick about 3-4 months of every year, also suffered with vaginal yeast infections caused by the antibiotics I was prescribed for such problems. I led a life of antibiotics, suppositories, and creams. Nothing helped much.

I became extremely allergic to foods and smells. Just the smell of varnish/stains/paints would start an immediate sinus reaction. I had to transport a man by ambulance, who fell off a roof while painting with aluminum paint. I reacted so violently to the fumes of the paint that I had to open the ambulance window and try to breathe fresh air. This episode led to a 3-month illness. Another huge problem was allergic reactions to food. I ate half an apple and thought I was going to die. Reactions were huge.

I used a neti pot because I couldn't breathe. I developed pneumonia and cracked ribs from coughing jags that consumed my life. Here is what I learned from my experience. Sinus problems are the result of other major issues in the body. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria, and the bad will thrive.

The long-term result was the inability to digest anything. My colon quit functioning. Chronic fatigue set in. Extreme toxicity developed when the single-celled organisms in my gut became mycelial cells and burrowed through my intestinal wall, allowing the poisons to get into my blood and thus polluting my whole system -- leaky gut syndrome. I called myself a complete candida-albicans-fungal subject, from head to toe.

My brain was so polluted and toxic that I couldn't read and comprehend, couldn't write or spell (as the brain and fingers didn't communicate), couldn't add or subtract, had no short-term memory, had inability to think and speak words, and had severe reactions to noise (such as shutting a cupboard door or putting silverware away). The ringing of the telephone left me crying, as my nerves were so sensitive. The color left my fingernails, gums, and eyes... and other private parts. My body felt like it was not receiving enough oxygen.

My journey toward death had begun probably at 35. As the years passed, I couldn't digest food, and my colon didn't do its job. My effort to get help through the medical community was unsuccessful. With the help of friends, strangers, books, Dr. Crooks talking about his book on the Phil Donohue show, and people in health food stores, I was made aware of what had happened to my body and what I had to do to get well. I embraced it wholeheartedly and went at it 1000%.

It has been a wonderful 22-year journey of learning and educating myself. That journey has been one of meeting caring and sharing with people, ultimately finding a naturopath, then meeting with a naturopath/iridologist, and attending seminars, conferences, and retreats. I have never looked back and have never been back to the medical community that failed me.

April 9, 1992, was my last visit to my doctors. I have had no prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs since that day. I am now 79, have energy to burn, a sound mind, NO SINUS problems, and NO ALLERGIES. What a great experience!

Thanks to that Wisconsin Clinic for helping me make the decision to not go back. My words to my husband were, "I've spent my last buck with the medical community." Funny, even though my mind was toxic and clogged, it was the best decision that I made, even though I didn't have much of a brain to help with it. Obviously someone else was looking out for me! I now know there is ONE person in the world who can make you well. That is YOU.

Education, learning, and perseverance are key. First, since I was unable to digest whole food, I grew and juiced wheatgrass and lived for 2 years on green juices and wheatgrass. I cut ALL sugar out of my life, including simple carbohydrates, starchy vegetables, and all fruits (with the exception of a Granny Smith apple, which I juiced with my vegetables).

I also did colonics and/or colemas during that time. It was unbelievable what parasites came out of me -- from tapeworms to round worms... worms... and more worms.

My health began to return, slowly at first, and then by leaps and bounds. In looking back, I feel there were resemblances to myself and an Alzheimer's patient. Toxicity is key. In healing, my brain and colon were the slowest. My colon remains a problem, but a solvable one. Health is wonderful.

This is simply a warning of what can happen when one relies on antibiotics to solve sinus issues. A neti pot helps with the immediate problem but does not address why the infection is there to begin with.

Our bodies need clean water, ... one ounce for every 2 pounds of body weight. Our bodies need to be alkaline. An acid body is one where ill health and disease set in. My naturopath gave me a simple way to equate that, as fruits and vegetables are alkaline. Basically EVERYTHING else is acid. There are some exceptions, but it is a good basic rule.

Stress also adds to the acidity. Stress causes our body to tense up, organs are tightened up, the digestive tract is affected, and the colon does not move debris and mucus out. As mucus and waste accumulates, it backs up into the system. The waste then is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream. As the digestive system is not functioning properly, the body attacks undigested food as an enemy and sends out the forces to attack (allergic reaction.)

Mercury in amalgam fillings also plays a part in the health of the individual and can add to immune system issues. It was huge for me.

Cleaning the colon is helpful. Cleaning the liver is helpful. Exercise for the lymphatic system is helpful. Learn how to support the immune system. It is our lifeline. NingXia Red juice for the immune system is helpful. Life 5 and Young Living essential oils, supplements, brochures, books, seminars, distributors, websites, and conference calls all have helped me to be a well person once again.

I am not a doctor and not a healthcare professional with all the perfect medical terminology, but I know how serious this can be and where it can lead if not addressed.

I was not lucky enough to have Young Living and the essential oils in my life in 1992 -- or the help of all the sharing and caring angels on websites like this. Greater joy is what I wish I had! I feel my return to health would have been much more rapid, but I would not have traveled the wonderful journey I did. I am thankful for everything that happened, for everything I learned, and for all the wonderful people I met along the way.

My reason for writing this is to caution those with sinus issues to be cognizant of what your larger underlying issues might be, and, if not addressed, what can be the result. Educate yourself. Address the issue. Don't be happy with the band-aid that gets you through today and leaves larger issues for tomorrow.

Remember that our bodies are wonderful machines and can heal huge issues if given the proper tools. I did, and you can too. My blessings to all, and thank you to all.

P.S. A couple drops of Peppermint essential oil in a cup of hot water to breathe and smell is the best "band-aid" with healing properties for sinus issues. Use 2 drops of Peppermint in hot water, slowly and carefully sniff it, breathe it in, and then drink it to help open the plugged passageways.

I LOVE THESE OILS. Peppermint was just my beginning, and I oil myself from morning to night. I use essential oils in my toothpaste, in epsom salt baths, and in shampoos. I have removed chemicals from my life, thanks to Young Living and their wonderful products. I love the Thieves Household Cleaner. I have no more splits in my fingers from harsh products.

A great blessing comes to me with being able to "oil" my family to health, and it makes me swell with joy when my grandson tells my daughter, "Call Grandma and see what oils will fix me. I don't feel good. I wish Grandma were here."

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