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A Cow With The Farts

Author: Mary B. A.
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Date: 01-04-2011
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A few years ago when I lived on a farm in western NC we had a farmer we called Mr. Greenjeans, a colorful mountain man to be sure, who came by one evening at dusk to let me know he would be coming in and out through the night to check on one of his cows who had the "bloats". I asked what that was and he said she was "stuck up". I asked if I could make a potion for her to try.

Now I'm sure he thought at that point that I must be a witch, as those mountain people can be very superstitious, but he had a sick cow and he wanted her fixed so he agreed. I gave him a small container with DiGize, 15 drops mixed with 3 oz of olive oil which I told him to rub on her stomachs. Off he went and the next morning before I could get the coffee brewing he was at my back door.

"I don't know what that stuff was but I won't me sum." he announced..then he said "I just got it rubbed on her stomachs when she went to blowin at both ends!". From then on he consulted with me on a variety of cow maladies.

The moral of this story is that DiGize works on man and beast for gas and indigestion.

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2.Associated topics: gas-/-fart-(Flatulence) — "In traditional folk medicine, tarragon [Artemisia dracunculus L. (Asteraceae)] has been used for treatment of pain and gastrointestinal disturbances.... This study reported the peripheral and central antinociceptive activity of the EOAD [essential oil of A. dracunculus] and rationalized the traditional use of the plant in the treatment of different painful conditions."Link
3.Associated topics: gas-/-fart-(Flatulence) — "Anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic [muscle spasms], antimicrobial, antioxidant, carminative [flatulence] and immunomodulatory properties of caraway suggest that it might exert beneficial effects on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).... CHE and CEO [caraway essential oil] at all doses tested were effective in reducing colon tissue lesions and colitis indices and the efficacy was nearly the same when different doses of plant fractions were administered p.o. or i.p..... These data suggest that caraway fractions are both effective and possess anti-colitic activity irrespective of the dose and route of administration."Link
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