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Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia Aided By Tangerine Oil

Author: Randy V.
Date: 12-21-2010
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I was diagnosed with this awful disease after seeing many doctors and specialists for nearly 6 months or greater.

My neurologist told me that surgery was risky and not sure if I would survive the "knife". He also suggested that my future was bleak at best. He further suggested that i might have one good year left to live.

During this time a dear friend of mine suggested I see a chiropractor. She can attest that I struggle with any other sort of healing except that from the "normal" medical community. She was succesful in convincing me and accompaioned me to see him. After the initial evaluation the chiropractor confirmed the neurolgists sugggestions of having a limited life. He promised me that he could help. He placed me on a program that I believe "fixed" a lot of trouble. But he admitted that he could not get me to the point he wanted me at so he sent me to see a Neuro-muscular therapist. I drove about 200 miles for each visit and did that for about 8 months. I believe she helped me too.

Even though I was getting help. None of them could resolve the pain that this dissease produces. It is devasting. It is a rare disease and the normal medical community has little research to assist those who suffer from it. I continued to see my neuralogist and he suggested I continue to look for other healig solutions.

Back to my wonderful friend... it was her tenacity and research that lead her to the Young Living estential oils. She discovered them due to other interests. However, she was quick to recognize that the oils could aid in my healing. Remember, I struggle with alternative health remedies becasue thats not the way I was brought up. She presented me this solution of trying the oils. She became a distributor.

She set up a meeting at her home with her "upline" and me. During the beginning of their presentation I was stricken with this unpredcited pain. My friend knows that I like to drink water to help alleviate the pain. The wonderful lady who was demonstrating the oils placed two drops of Tangerine Oil in my glass of water. INSTANT RELIEF!

I was shocked. I could feel something happening. It was not unplesant. I think what I was experiencing was feelings of being normal. We learned that the Tangerine Oil was effective in stopping spasmodic symptoms. For me, it was a "miracle". The pain that I use to experience was in the center of my head and upper throat. More specically it is located at the tonsil area but behind the throat wall. A terrible sharp stabbing pain. There is a high suicide rate fot those afflected with this disease because of the intensity of it. I quickly became a huge fan of the oils and wanted to know more about them. I am still learning. I am also a distributor and have witnessed grown men cry because they too have seen "miracle" like relief from the symptoms of other diseases they have.

With the use of these oils... I can help others. I am thankful for them. Another side note is that I ran out of the Tangerine oil. The pain is starting to come back. I can't wait until my order arrives.

Thank you Young Living for providing the oils I need to live again. I believe it has saved my life.

As much as I appreciate and love the products and oils you offer I also have to extend another thank you.

Phylana... I don't have to say a lot here. You know how I feel. We both know that you will "down play" any comments I say about what you have down for me. "Thank you" can come in many forms. Some people just simply say thank you. Others try to show there thanks by sending flowers or candies or even buying dinner and sending gifts. All of these ideas and options can not express what I feel. Words are difficult to find to express the thanks I have for your tenacity and discovery of this solution. Of course, the oils have given me relief and healing. Imagine if everyone had the love you have in helping others. What a wonderful world it would be.

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